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NCETM Annual Conference - Lord Adonis: Transforming our education culture

This page has been archived. The content was correct at the time of original publication, but is no longer updated.
Created on 30 June 2008 by ncetm_administrator
Updated on 18 August 2008 by ncetm_administrator
NCETM Annual Conference 2008 - London, 17th June 2008
This was a memorable day packed full of positive ideas and strategies focused on improving mathematics teaching and learning for all. The Conference featured the launch of both the Primary Mathematics Review and the NCETM Annual Report.

Lord Adonis at the NCETM Conference

Transforming our Education Culture

The Williams Report is the most important since the Smith Report, click here to view the report.

These two reports, focusing respectively on primary and secondary mathematics education will be used by the Government

“ … as the platform we shall use to bring about improvements.”

Lord Adonis highlighted Sir Peter Williams’ “attention to what goes on in the classroom” as he recognised the importance of developing policy “on what manifestly works in schools.”

“This report is fully rooted in best practice and the government fully accepts the report.”

He reiterated a number of key strategies including:

  • the need to continue to nurture those with the highest standards
  • recruiting more and better teachers
  • raising the scale and ambition for gifted and talented pupils, and
  • for most students to achieve a working proficiency in mathematics as an essential to personal success in life.

Lord Adonis felt that in spite of recent improvements, there is no room for complacency with a great deal more work to do.
He reminded the audience of the National Challenge Strategy with a clear emphasis on 5+ A* - C including English and mathematics. This attention is needed in order to retain a competitive edge in the global economy.

He also challenged the ‘damaging dichotomy’ in the debate about ‘the basics’ and ‘creativity’:

“One of the most damaging debates is the argument that the emphasis on the basics is in conflict with creativity.”

Highlighting that schools which master the basics effectively, irrespective of the background of students, use this as a platform for building a richer and varied curriculum, he stated:

“Achieving excellence in numeracy and literacy is used as a platform for developing creativity.”

In summary, Lord Adonis is seeking a change to raise aspirations, understanding and skills for all young people in our schools:

“A transformation of our education culture is what we all want to see in the future.”

The Government’s full acceptance of the report and its recommendations will be seen as a tipping point in the history of key improvements in education.

Click here to read Lord Andrew Adonis’ speech,
Click here to read an article on Sir Peter Williams’ launch of the Report at the NCETM Annual Conference 2008.
Click here to read an article on the final report of the Williams Review.
The full Williams Report of the Independent Review of Mathematics Teaching in Early Years Settings and Primary Schools can be viewed on the Teachernet website.  Click here to download a copy of the report.
Click here to join a discussion about specialist mathematics teachers.
Click here to join a discussion about the Williams Review in the Primary Forum.


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