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Secondary Magazine - Issue 14: Around the regions

This page has been archived. The content was correct at the time of original publication, but is no longer updated.
Created on 10 July 2008 by ncetm_administrator
Updated on 14 July 2008 by ncetm_administrator

Secondary Magazine

Welcome to issue 14 of the NCETM Secondary Magazine. Fortnightly features include: The Interview, Around the regions, An idea for the classroom, 5 things to do, The Diary and Focus on. This issue, 'Around the regions' provides an update on regional activites.
Around the Regions - News, Views and Updates
from the NCETM Regional Coordinators

North West
As a result of the Mersey Secondary Conference, teachers from Liverpool and St Helen's schools have requested to carry out small scale, follow-up research on how to use Susan Wall's techniques in their mathematics lessons.
The schools so far are: Fazakerley High School, New Heys Comprehensive School, Notre Dame Catholic School, King David High School, and Rainhill Media Arts College.
We look forward to hearing more details of their work.
You can find out more about the methods that Susan Wall uses in Improving Learning in Mathematics from the Standards Unit. Order your copy here.

North East
Maths at Work
Business in the Community in the North East and the National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics (NCETM) are working in partnership to link teachers and business volunteers to look at bringing mathematics to life inside and out of the classroom. Karen Watson, Head of Mathematics at Easington Community School, helped with developing a collection of video clips for the project. You can read her thoughts on the experience at the North East regional pages.

Yorkshire and The Humber
Are you a blogger? The NCETM has a collection of regional blogs to explore. If you write a blog (or are considering starting one) then we can help. You don’t have to write loads – see below for a blog entry from a local teacher:

Below is a link to an excellent IWB resource for smartboards. The gizmos are absolutely ace; quiz generators, card reveals, balloon pops, random number generators, posh templates for writing notes (I really like those - my handwriting and spelling are attroceous, atrocios, attrocious, really bad)

Of course I'd love to claim credit for scouring the web, but a great ITT student found it - thanks Steve!

Click here for the resource

If the link doesn't work try searching on Google for the Smartboard activity toolkit.
Have fun - but not too much

East Midlands
Students in schools and colleges across the East Midlands could become award-winning journalists thanks to an innovative new science-based project.
The STEM student journalist activity is open to any pupil or student aged 11-22 years with a passion for science, technology, engineering or maths (STEM) and is launched this week by the emda-funded East Midlands STEM Partnership.
Students at Key Stages 3 and 4, plus post-16 and undergraduates, will create their own reports on a range of science-related news stories. Ideas can come from schools’ activities, vox pops around the school or college, visits to science projects or simply based on personal STEM interests.
Student reports, which could be as short as 250 words, will be filed by email and the volunteer journalists will be encouraged to create podcasts and video reports as well.
You can find out more at the East Midlands regional pages.

West Midlands
As Years 8 and 9 at St Michael’s Church of England Business and Enterprise College in Rowley Regis headed rapidly towards their summer holiday, the mood was anything but ‘end of term’. Business and Enterprise coordinator Suresh Singh had organised a packed day of Young Enterprise activities and enlisted the financial expertise of the Nat West Bank. Year 8 were motivated by Young Enterprise’s mixture of hard financial facts, including how to write a cheque, the cost of borrowing money and how to budget for your future, and games designed to put learning into practice. As one student put it, “I like days like this because they’re different to ordinary school – I get to learn things that are really useful.” 
Young Enterprise is the UK’s leading business and enterprise education charity. It operates through support from the business community and the Government and works with all phases of education from Primary through to Higher Education.
You can read more about the project at St Michael’s Church of England Business and Enterprise College here .

East of England
Have you seen this resource?
If you’re a teacher in the East of England region and this inspires you to comment or to change your practice in any way then we’d like to hear from you! Why not put your thoughts or experiences in a blog?
Or you might like to really get stuck in and undertake some research like these East of England projects.

The NCETM in London is gathering a collection of interviews exploring how people in the region use mathematics in their everyday life. So far, there are two examples to view here.
You might also get ideas about how to answer the eternal ‘when will I ever use maths in my life?’ question in The Interview which explores how different people in different professions use mathematics in their daily life.

South East
I first came across ‘L’ in a workshop at the Combined Mathematics Conference at Keele University, where it was described as a game that links various mathematical problems by means of the exploration of a palace in which Runia is imprisoned by Drogo robots. None of the many problems involves advanced mathematical content, but considerable ingenuity is required to rescue Runia. This description was more than enough to get me interested. Allow me to ‘fast forward’ at this stage – I bought the program after the session and played for many hours, sitting in the conference workshop until late in the evenings.
Thomas Krueger, Teacher of Mathematics at Bradfield College, has reviewed L – A mathemagical adventure. You can read more of his thoughts at the South East regional page.

South West
Use of Questionnaires in Mathematics at Ivybridge Community College
Tom Rainbow explains how the mathematics department uses pupil voice to explore teaching and learning in mathematics:
Two years ago, with the introduction of the two-tier entry I was given two potentially challenging Year 10 sets. I felt that a sharp and focused beginning to their GCSE course was essential if they were to make good progress and therefore developed a questionnaire about their mathematics education thus far.
I have always discussed the importance of a mathematics GCSE with students but I often felt as though there was so much more to glean from them than a purely verbal exchange can allow. The questionnaires let the students be much more specific about their views and have given me a much greater insight into the group than I would otherwise have had
You can read more at the NCETM South West pages.

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