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Departmental Workshops

Created on 16 July 2008 by ncetm_administrator
Updated on 25 September 2013 by ncetm_administrator

Departmental Workshops - Structured professional development activities    

Departmental Workshops

The departmental workshops have been written to provide your mathematics team with structured professional development you can deliver in-house utilising members' expertise and knowledge. We believe 3 – 6 modules per year could be an ideal balance.  Each workshop module has an overview and a number of resource sheets. You can view these individually, and some of the workshops are available to download as zip files to go through at another time.

Twenty-seven of the modules are topic-based, and can be accessed by following the links to the right of this text.  To support you in deciding which of these modules might be best suited to you and your department’s needs you may like to make use of the subject knowledge Self-evaluation Tools to establish which areas of the curriculum you might wish to work on. Remember that this self-evaluation does not have to be done individually, and many people have reported that completing the self-evaluation as a whole department is at least as useful if not more so.

The most recent additions to the collection of workshops are the following fifteen which focus on general issues of interest or concern to mathematics departments:

Departmental Workshops

A series of six modules Widening Participation at A' Level has also been produced as part of the Excellence in Mathematics Leadership microsite

These Professional Development activities originally featured in the first ten issues of the Secondary Magazine:



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15 February 2012 16:48
Thank you sorry I thought I was being unobservant and missing some obvious link.
By scromie03
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15 February 2012 13:23
Hi Stephen, unfortunately only some of the workshops are available to download as zip files, but not all of them. We have amended the wording to reflect this.
15 February 2012 10:00
Please forgive my igorance, but how do I download these all as a zip file?

Many thanks,

By scromie03
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