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Departmental Workshops: Transformation of Graphs

Created on 06 November 2008 by ncetm_administrator
Updated on 04 April 2013 by ncetm_administrator

Departmental Workshops - Structured professional development activities  

Departmental Workshops - Transformation of Graphs

These workshops are written to provide your mathematics team with structured professional development you can deliver in-house utilizing all members' expertise and knowledge. We believe 3 – 6 modules per year could be an ideal balance.

This module explores the transformation of graphs. Objectives related to this topic are:

  • apply to the graph y = f(x) the transformations y = f(x) + a, y = f(ax), y = f(x + a) and y = af(x) for linear, quadratic, sine and cosine functions
  • draw, sketch and describe the graphs of trigonometric functions for angles of any size, including transformations involving scalings in either or both of the x and y directions.  

Resource Sheet HT2.TGR.1 (pdf file) Download Autograph (30-day free trial)
Resource Sheet HT2.TGR.2 (pdf file) Download Autograph (30-day free trial)
Resource Sheet HT2.TGR.3 (pdf file) Download Autograph (30-day free trial)
Resource Sheet HT2.TGR.4 (pdf file)
Resource Sheet HT2.TGR.5 (pdf file)
Resource Sheet HT2.TGR.6 (pdf file)
Resource Sheet HT2.TGR.7 (pdf file)

Download the whole workshop (zip file)




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04 March 2013 14:39
Thanks for the good feedback! This is a card-matching activity, and this was one way of presenting the activity and the solution in one place. However, we'll bear this in mind for future resources. Thanks for taking the time to comment!
04 March 2013 10:43
Using the TRG4 sheet is great - would be even better if the graphs weren't printed beside the related function. Makes it impossible to get students to cut and discuss as they can the spot the answers straight away.
By kcunningham
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