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Secondary Magazine - Issue 27: The interview

This page has been archived. The content was correct at the time of original publication, but is no longer updated.
Created on 04 February 2009 by ncetm_administrator
Updated on 27 April 2009 by ncetm_administrator

Secondary Magazine Issue 27

The Interview

Name: Paul Dobinson

About you: Paul works in sales and marketing in Media & New Media, Bermuda. He is working towards an MBA in his spare time. He has a degree in Sports Science and an undergraduate certificate in Mathematical Sciences. Paul is a keen sports fan, particularly rugby, football, and most recently American football.

The most recent use of mathematics in your job was... to calculate the return on advertising spend based on enquiries, percentage buyers and required sales. From this I can calculate the percentage growth of sales contracts – every day, to make sure I’m hitting targets! 

Some mathematics that amazed you is... the mathematics involved in Warren Buffet's preferred share purchase in Goldman Sachs – what a deal!!

Why mathematics?  It’s every day, everywhere and it’s very logical…which I like.

Your favourite/most significant mathematics-related anecdote is… a mathematician organises a lottery in which the prize is an infinite amount of money. When the winning ticket is drawn, the mathematician starts to distribute the prize: 1 pound now, half a pound (50p) next week, a quarter of a pound (25p) the week after that...

A mathematics joke that makes you laugh is… What do you get if you divide the circumference of a jack-o-lantern by its diameter?
A: Pumpkin Pi!

Something else that makes you laugh is… someone told me that a topologist is someone who doesn’t know the difference between a coffee cup and a doughnut.

Your favourite television programme is… House, Supernatural, the game on Sunday. 
Your favourite ice-cream flavour is... Mint Choc Chip.
Who inspired you? Felix Dennis, Steve Jobs, Larry Page and Sergey Brin  (recently), my parents and Bryan Robson when growing up. 
If you weren’t doing this job you would… work for myself doing something related to sales and marketing.
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