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Secondary Magazine - Issue 37

This page has been archived. The content was correct at the time of original publication, but is no longer updated.
Created on 23 June 2009 by ncetm_administrator
Updated on 06 July 2009 by ncetm_administrator

Secondary Magazine Issue 37ice lolly

Welcome to Issue 37 of the Secondary Magazine. Are you enjoying the summer? As we are preparing for the end of term it is time to reflect upon the achievements of the academic year and start to plan for September. Perhaps you will find some ‘things to do’ to help your planning, or perhaps you will be inspired by our interviewee. Happy reading.


From the editor
Isn’t it fantastic when the librarian comes to you with money to spend for the school library. Here are suggestions for two very different books which earn their places on the shelves.

Up2d8 maths
The fortnightly Up2d8 Maths resources explore a range of mathematical themes in a topical context. A huge jellyfish shape recently appeared in a field of crops in Oxfordshire – who did it and how did they do it? This Up2d8 resource uses the context of crop circles to explore geometric reasoning and construction on a grand scale.

The interview - Andrew Lovett
Have you ever met a man with a passion for rugby and mathematics? In this issue, a headteacher in Devon talks about his enjoyment of mathematics and the inspiration provided by Martin Johnson.
Focus on...square numbers
Did you know that a square number can only end with digits 00, 1, 4, 6, 9 or 25? This and other interesting features of square numbers are explored in this Focus on.
An idea for the classroom - Plans and elevations
Do you get some satisfaction from solving difficult problems? This highly addictive computer-based resource invites you to construct a 3D solid based on three different views.
5 things to do this fortnight
Are you interested in paper folding or beer drinking? ICT or APP? Whatever your habit or acronym, it may be mentioned in our topical list of things to do this summer.
Diary of a subject leader
Real life issues in the life of a fictional Subject Leader
How is your department reacting to the developments in Functional Mathematics? Our subject leader shares some thoughts about the place of Functional Mathematics in our mathematics curriculum - and seems strangely cheerful!
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