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Primary Magazine - Issue 20

This page has been archived. The content was correct at the time of original publication, but is no longer updated.
Created on 26 January 2010 by ncetm_administrator
Updated on 09 February 2010 by ncetm_administrator

Primary Magazine Issue 20

Welcome to the 20th issue of the Primary Magazine. Our famous historian is Fibonacci, our artist is Georges Seurat, and our CPD opportunity aims to develop subject knowledge in the area of volume and capacity. 


From the editor
In this issue we give you information about a free downloadable publication by Maulfry Worthington and Elizabeth Carruthers, share a recent development in the work of the project Inspiring Mathematics Champions, and give you an update on World Maths Day 2010.
Up2d8 maths
This Up2d8 looks at pocket money, comparing data from the Halifax with data from the children themselves. The spreads provide opportunities for work with such mathematical concepts as mental and written calculation with money and data handling.
The Art of Mathematics
This issue explores the art of Georges Seurat, renowned for his large paintings created by using tiny dabs or strokes of colours, a technique called ‘pointillism’. The tiny strokes were too small to be seen when looking at the entire picture, but had the effect of making his pictures shimmer. 
Focus on...
Our focus is transport in the air, always a hot topic for debate; is air travel really destroying the planet on which we live, or is that outweighed by the benefits of allowing us to travel to places that would otherwise be far out of reach?
Starter of the month
To complement the focus ‘transport in the air’, we give some suggestions for activities that include weight, numbers and compass directions.
A little bit of history
in this issue, we bring you a potted history of Fibonacci, the Italian mathematician well-known in primary schools for his special number sequence – the Fibonacci Sequence. However, his most significant contribution to the European world of mathematics was to bring us the number system we use today.
Maths to share - CPD for your school
We continue our series on mathematics subject knowledge. This time we concentrate on the common misconceptions of volume and capacity. 
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