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Secondary Magazine - Issue 57

This page has been archived. The content was correct at the time of original publication, but is no longer updated.
Created on 30 March 2010 by ncetm_administrator
Updated on 13 April 2010 by ncetm_administrator


Secondary Magazine Issue 57oscar

Welcome to Issue 57 of the Secondary Magazine. Hope you have had a good Easter and are preparing yourselves for that mad lead up to the examinations. While it is certainly ‘sticking plaster’ time for Year 11, our lower school pupils can still be enjoying the wide variety of mathematical experiences that we can provide now that SATs are no longer a consideration. Enjoy the summer term. 


From the editor - textbooks
How have you responded to the wealth of new resources available to support the new GCSE specification we will start to teach in September. This article considers a recent report from King's College London, and the mathematical performance of our pupils in mathematics.

Up2d8 maths - and the winner is...
The fortnightly Up2d8 Maths resources explore a range of mathematical themes in a topical context. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science held the 82nd of its annual Academy Awards ceremonies on 7 March 2010. This year’s event was held at the Academy’s permanent home, the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood, and was hosted by Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin with an audience of nearly 43 million.

This resource looks at the common characteristics of the winners of the best actor and actress awards (for example, 88% of the winners of best actor have been above average height), and poses the question – which of the teachers in your school is most likely to win an Oscar?!

The Interview - Richard Crook
Did you know how pupils from low income families get overtaken in learning by their wealthier peers during the summer holidays? Richard, who works in children's services, gives us his perspective on some uses of mathematics.
Focus on - generalising
John Mason has said: "A lesson without the opportunity for learners to generalise (mathematically) is not a mathematics lesson". Read this quote in context and discover some other ideas about generalising from Leibnitz, NRICH and others in this issue.
An idea for the classroom - linear clock
Although I know that time is a linear idea, I still visualise time as the hands on my watch turning round. This linear clock stimulates pupils to think about the passing of time and involve themselves in proportional reasoning.
5 things to do this fortnight
What do St George’s Day, a ‘bake and brew’, Felix Klein and Sue Pope all have in common?
Nothing! Apart from being featured in this issue’s 5 things to do.
Diary of a subject leader
Real life issues in the life of a fictional subject leader
Have you run a workshop for parents in your school? You may want to read about some of the successes and lessons learned from our subject leader. 
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