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Sample Materials

Created on 06 April 2010 by ncetm_administrator
Updated on 04 November 2013 by ncetm_administrator



Gifted and TalentedSupporting Gifted and Talented children helps learners who have abilities in academic subjects like maths to develop ahead of their year group.

Sometimes our conventional strategies for planning and teaching mathematics need to be re-examined when faced with more able or gifted & talented pupils who typically:

  • don’t need to do lots of examples before they understand the key ideas and are fluent;
  • want and need to go beyond the answer of a particular problem to the questions which the answer itself raises;
  • see mathematics as a coherent whole rather than a collection of separate ideas; have a compulsion to generalise as far as possible.

South West gate  - Gifted and TalentedSWGaTE - the South West Regional Partnership for Gifted & Talented Education - produced some resources to begin to address some fundamental issues about mathematics, mathematics teaching, and the learning of mathematics by able, gifted and talented pupils.

SWGaTE developed a DVD set around two separate one-day workshops that Professor John Berry ran for a group of Year 5 and 6 mathematically able pupils.

You may find it helpful to reflect on these questions as you watch the clip below from the DVD:

  • What makes a challenging mathematical activity?
  • What are the features of a good mathematical task or problem?
  • What are the best ways of challenging gifted and talented or more able learners in mathematics?
  • What might be different about planning for this group of learners?
  • How might the activities and teacher responses differ?
  • What is the nature of mathematical thinking?
Download the latest version of Adobe Flash to view this resource.

The full set of materials is available from SWGaTE.




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22 September 2014 15:53
I have been using this video with undergraduate students on a Primary Educarion option course on problem solving and enquiry in primary mathematics. It gives them some insight into a famous problem, what children are capable of at this stage, and how to engage children in thinking and reasoning. We think about whether probelm solving should be reserved for gifted children or whether it empowers all children. We study the way John Berry interacts to develop children as 'young mathematicians'. Students need expert examples like this as models to build their own skills in working with children.
By smclarty
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04 November 2013 17:46
Unfortunately DfE funding for SWGaTE ceased in 2011 but I do have some copies of the publication left if anyone is interested. I can be contacted at c.h.mitchell@exeter.ac.uk.

I would also be very interested to hear about how teachers have used the materials.
Christine Mitchell former SWGaTe Co-ordinator
By chmitche
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04 November 2013 09:32
Unfortunately, the link to SWGaTE appears to be no longer valid. We have removed the link while we investigate whether there is an updated alternative
03 November 2013 14:46
SWGaTE does not appear to have the same link anymore, do you know if they are still in action or have changed names?
02 December 2010 17:30
Forgot to tick the "Email me when this item receives a comment" box so have only just picked this up.
I am really pleased that you have found the materials useful.
Do please let us know, or get the teachers who use it let us know, how it has been used and what professional developments it might have triggered.
By petegriffin
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14 July 2010 17:21
I bought this set of materials recently and intend to recommend it to schools. It is practical and full of ideas that can be used in classrooms.It is extremely helpful to watch the dvds as the lessons unfold.
By AnnParham
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