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Primary Magazine - Issue 24: Editor's extras

This page has been archived. The content was correct at the time of original publication, but is no longer updated.
Created on 10 May 2010 by ncetm_administrator
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Primary Magazine Issue 24South Hunsley Maths Challenge

Editor's extras

Inspiring Mathematics ChampionsIn Issue 17 of the Primary Magazine we had reports from two students, Amy and Bethany, who were involved in Inspiring Mathematics Champions, a project developed by the NCETM and supported by Yorkshire Forward, which promotes achievement in primary mathematics. Its main aim was to support trainee teachers in building teaching skills in using and applying mathematics through the development of problem solving and cross-curricular approaches. We are now pleased to let you see a report from Mike Ollerton, Inspiring Mathematics Champions: a model for continuing professional development.

In our last issue, we gave you the reflections on the Numbers Count intervention programme from Kate, and in this issue we have Ofsted’s evaluation of National Strategy intervention programmes. Published in January, it was based on a small-scale survey which evaluated the impact of the Strategy’s approaches to intervention on pupils working just below national expectations in a small sample of 12 primary and nine secondary schools. It found that intervention was more effective in the primary schools than in the secondary schools visited and that this stemmed from careful analysis of pupils’ weaknesses, flexible planning of programmes, thorough training of key staff and effective monitoring and evaluation. It also found that good leadership and management contributed to successful impact. The publication is worth a read. We would be really interested to know about any successful intervention programmes that you are using or have developed, please let us know.

In our last issue we also mentioned transition work that is happening in Ealing and East Yorkshire: we now have two articles from Hilary in Ealing and Liz in East Yorkshire that are well worth a read. Are you doing anything in your authority that works? If so, if you are willing to share, please let us know, and we can tell everyone else!

NCETM CPD Standard

Finally, we are looking for applicants for the NCETM Standard for CPD in mathematics. What is this Standard you might ask? Well, read on…
Just to remind you, the aims of the Centre are to:

  • raise the professional status of all those engaged in the teaching of mathematics
  • improve institutional performance, including raising standards, by supporting targeted workforce professional development in order that the mathematical potential of learners be fully realised.

As part of meeting these aims, the NCETM has worked to develop a mathematics-specific CPD Standard, with a volunteer group of CPD providers. The purpose of this is to help staff teaching mathematics at all levels to access information about the CPD provision on offer, its appropriateness and quality. The NCETM Standard is now in its national pilot phase, and the hope is that all providers will have the opportunity to obtain the Standard. If you are interested in finding out more, take a look at the details on the CPD Standard microsite. We would love to hear from you if you want more details or if you wish to make a submission.

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