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How well does the practice match our maths and calculation policy?

Created on 20 May 2010 by ncetm_administrator
Updated on 08 April 2013 by ncetm_administrator


How do I get a picture of the curriculum in action?

This strand offers support for building a vision statement for mathematics.
This is the starting point for building a school mathematics and calculation policy.

Your mathematics and calculation policies should be agreed by all staff, and if possible jointly written in a staff meeting by giving groups of staff a section to write, then sharing what has been written, and modifying the wording under discussion as appropriate.

However, calculation is a core aspect of the primary mathematics curriculum, and as such needs particular attention.

Focus on either subtraction or division. Chat to one teacher from each year group in your school.
Find out what activities they ask their children to engage with when they are teaching them subtraction or division.
Here are a few questions that may be helpful as prompts for this discussion. You may have others of your own:

  • what are your favourite activities for teaching subtraction (or divison)?
  • what language do you use when you are teaching it?
  • how do you make sure you use the correct language?
  • what resources do children use when they are learning? How do they use them?
  • how do you make sure children have the opportunity to use and apply their skills?
  • what difficulties do children have?
  • what do you think they will need to learn about subtraction (or division) next year?
  • what do you think they learned last year?

Use the information from these interviews to ascertain how the teaching and learning of these aspects of calculation progresses through your school. This will help you decide whether or not your policy needs revisiting, or whether particular staff need tailored support to ensure the learning for the children is coherent and helpful.

Achievement and Attainment Data
This aspect of monitoring is covered in some depth in Module 3 Strand 8.

Record your thoughts in your Personal Learning Space.





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