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How do I manage the budget?

Created on 26 May 2010 by ncetm_administrator
Updated on 08 April 2013 by ncetm_administrator


How do I provide for the CPD of others?

One of the important roles of the Maths Subject Leader is to successfully manage any finances allocated to the area, so that resources can be best used to advance the priorities for maths.

Do you know your budget?

Do you know how it is spent?
How much of the Mathematics budget goes on books, equipment or copying?
If you don’t know the answer to this question, then ask your Headteacher if they can explain how the budget allocation for Mathematics works in your school. Ask if it is possible for you to see a breakdown of the money and how it is spent. Study it, ask questions and make sure you understand where the money is going. 

Talk to other Subject Leaders in your school to find out how they budget their money and how they keep their costs down so that they have more money to spend on their agreed priorities.

Explore if you can find some money/grant elsewhere. Ask others in your school, look in the education papers and online, check the NCETM website. It may be that there is an interested firm nearby, grants available from Local Authorities and other external agencies, or a way you can share training costs with a nearby school.

Use these discussions and explorations to help you with the next part of this strand.

The different time and cost implications of CPD
The cost of CPD can be measured in two forms, time and money. When planning your own or the school maths CPD programme it is important to pursue a mix of methods in terms of both cost and time.
Have a look at the CPD activities in this grid.
See if you think they are in the right columns for your school.
Move any that you feel need moving.
Are there any other CPD activities that you would like to add to the list?
Are there any you would like to cross off as they are not applicable to your school?

Draw up your list of maths CPD priorities and calculate their cost (an Excel spreadsheet may help).

Can you afford what you have prioritised or do you need to prioritise further?
Can you reduce the cost of any of the CPD opportunities in any way if necessary?

Discuss your proposed budget with a member of the SLT.
See if you have a good balance of cost, impact and focus.

Put your proposed budget in your Maths Subject Leader file.

Record your thoughts about managing the budget in your Personal Learning Space.

Write down the most powerful things you have read/discovered/learned in this strand in your Personal Learning Space.
What actions do you need to take as a result of these?




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