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How strong is my maths knowledge and understanding of pedagogy?

Created on 26 May 2010 by ncetm_administrator
Updated on 08 April 2013 by ncetm_administrator


What CPD do I need?

To help you evaluate your grasp of maths subject knowledge and understanding of pedagogy you will find using the NCETM Self-evaluation Tools helpful. They allow you - and any colleagues who might like to use them - to reflect on key areas required for successful teaching:

  • Mathematics content knowledge
  • Mathematics-specific pedagogy
  • Embedding content knowledge and pedagogy in practice (due online soon).

Take time to reflect on the picture these offer you of your strengths and areas for development. You may find it helpful to find a colleague to help you when planning your lessons that focus on areas that you feel less confident about. You can then support them when they are feeling less confident. This is a great way of building up the relationships with colleagues so that you can be supportive to each other and develop practice together.

You may like to seek out a recently-published maths subject knowledge book or look at relevant areas of Mathemapedia, a mathematics education wiki.

Below is an excerpt from the Williams review focussing on the possibility of each school having a ‘champion’ in mathematics.

Recognising the logistical and financial challenges in addressing the immediate mathematical CPD needs for all 200 000 primary teachers, the review has made the following principal recommendation that there should be at least one Mathematics Specialist in each primary school, while recognising the need to make sensible allowances for small and rural schools. The Mathematics Specialist would be drawn from within the existing teaching force. This teacher will in effect ‘champion’ mathematics in the school and act as mentor and coach, as well as being an outstanding classroom teacher. Full details of the proposed role are described in Chapter 2.

Record your thoughts and findings on how strong your maths subject knowledge and understanding of the related pedagogy is in your Personal Learning Space. Record your plans to develop these.





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