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How do I create my change action plan from the vision?

Created on 27 May 2010 by ncetm_administrator
Updated on 09 April 2013 by ncetm_administrator


How do I lead and manage effective improvement?

Planning to bring about change

Planning is important when leading a successful change or innovation. An effective change model focuses on a successful outcome of change and what that will look like.

What will success look like?
It is important at this stage that all stakeholders are clear about ‘success’ and can articulate it clearly.  This can be in the form of words, pictures or symbols but success needs to be shared by all and celebrated when it is achieved.
‘If you don’t know where you are going then you don’t know when you have got there!’
There will be stepping stones on the way which benchmark how far you are on the way to success.
Gill Potter, 2009

Activity: What will success look like?

Use the format in the example above to develop your plan for change.

Identify success criteria on the way with dates.

Record your thoughts in your Personal Learning Space.

  • what support do you need to implement this change?
  • who could you consult?

Add these diagrams to your Maths Subject Leader file. Don't forget to add dates for your success criteria!

How do the aims, objectives and outcomes fit into an action plan?

In order to reach the stepping stones in the section What will success look like? the route has to be carefully planned. This is done using an action plan (an example is here) that identifies the actions that are needed with dates and resource implications in order to achieve the success criteria.

Activity: Action planning
Use your school format for Action Planning or download one here.
Now plan your change in mathematics.
Think carefully about the success criteria and how these feed into the whole school vision for mathematics.
Then work on planning the actions that will be needed to bring about that success making sure that the timescale is realistic.
Share this with Senior Leadership Team and make adjustments where necessary.





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