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Secondary Magazine - Issue 63: 5 things to do

This page has been archived. The content was correct at the time of original publication, but is no longer updated.
Created on 22 June 2010 by ncetm_administrator
Updated on 06 July 2010 by ncetm_administrator


Secondary Magazine Issue 63Cabri 3D image

5 things to do this fortnight

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The 10th Annual Institute of Mathematics Pedagogy, led by John Mason, Malcolm Swan and Anne Watson, will take place in Oxfordshire from 3-6 August. You might consider joining the group of teachers, teacher-educators, researchers and curriculum developers who will work together intensively and creatively with issues and ideas to develop thinking and practice.

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Have you discovered Cabri 3D interactive? You could watch this video in which a mathematics teacher uses 3-D geometry software to explore 3-D shapes with Y9 students, and discusses issues with Adrian Oldknow.

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Are you, or might you like to be, among the mathematics teachers who are experimenting with creative teaching approaches using music and dance? You could start by reading the Ofsted report – Learning: creative approaches that raise standards – that was published in January, and Anne Watson’s paper Dance and mathematics: power of novelty in the teaching of mathematics. You could also watch an American video of teachers learning to use dance to teach mathematics, and listen to some mathematics songs.

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Your students who are considering studying mathematics at university may be interested to hear about the Maths Summer School that will take place at the University of London Union from 25-27 July. Students will explore exciting topics during seminars and lectures, and engage in problem-solving activities.

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Meet the Mathematicians meetings (MTM08 – MTM11) are special day-events for Year 12 and 13 students, organised by the British Applied Mathematics Colloquium (BAMQ). MTM09 included an interesting talk by Professor Jon Keating of the University of Bristol - Some Thoughts on the Unreasonable Effectiveness of Mathematics. If you or your students missed this fascinating lecture about surprising connections in mathematics, you can now watch a video presentation of it on YouTube in seven parts:

You can find more articles and information focusing particularly on A-level and Further Mathematics in the FE Magazine.
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