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Mathematics resources for Primary Teachers in Training - NCETM Portal

This page has been archived. The content was correct at the time of original publication, but is no longer updated.
Created on 14 July 2010 by ncetm_administrator
Updated on 16 September 2010 by ncetm_administrator

NCETM Portal


The NCETM portal reflects the Centre’s commitment to personal learning. Each of the 7 headings show the major elements, with personal learning at its heart. As you explore the different areas of the portal (Resources, Teacher Enquiry, Community etc.) ask yourself, how the various sections relate to you, to your practice. Is there something you can take from a particular article, blog, resource etc. to develop your teaching? If so, do you want to make a note of it, or link to it, in your Personal Learning Space – so that you can come back to it in future, think more about it later, or tell colleagues about it?

ncetm Teacher   Enquiry Personal Learning Community Courses and   Training Resources News Mathemapedia

  • a Personal Learning Space including space to keep favourites and various personal files and contacts, a learning journal and a Self-evaluation section, through which teachers can assess themselves using two complementary tools:
        1. the TDA professional standards exemplified for teachers of mathematics which teachers can use to reflect on their career development and set goals and actions for their future development;
        2. the mathematics content knowledge and mathematics-specific pedagogy tools which they can use to reflect on their current understanding and skills, review examples of what is meant by each aspect and follow recommended next steps to develop their practice;
  • a Courses and Training section including a Professional Development Directory through which teachers can find details of upcoming mathematics-specific CPD events;
  • a Resources section that provides a collection of stimulating classroom materials, including the primary magazine and early years magazine;
  • Teacher Enquiry section where you can gain access to research developments and findings relevant to mathematics education, as well as case studies from practitioners which describe how they have been used and what effect they can have on teaching and learning. This section also contains details of how teachers can fund their own action research by applying for funding;
  • the latest News on developments and issues in mathematics education;
  • a thriving professional Community where teachers share their ideas about teaching, professional development and current issues, and read what other teachers have to say in the various Communities and Blogs; Specific forums for early years practitioners and teachers in the primary phase;
  • Mathemapedia, a wiki for mathematics education, where teachers can explore classic themes in mathematics education, read about useful pedagogical strategies, and be prompted to take such ideas and strategies into the classroom as a way of developing practice.

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