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Mathematics resources for Secondary and FE Teachers in Training - Further Education Resources and Information - Improving Learning in Mathematics (The Standards Unit box)

Created on 21 July 2010 by ncetm_administrator
Updated on 05 September 2018 by ncetm_administrator


Improving Learning in Mathematics (The Standards Unit box)


Improving Learning in Mathematics (The Standards Unit box)

Interactive whiteboard files for Promethean ACTIVstudio and Smart Notebook to match the teaching units are also available at IWB Maths Resources.

Improving Learning in Mathematics (also referred to as the ‘Standards Unit Box’) is a resource which introduces a whole new approach to teaching and learning maths.  Piloted and trialled in the post-16 sector, there are ideas for any maths teacher who wants to make lessons interesting and engaging for their students. Please note, 'hard' copies of this resource are no longer available.

There are two main parts to the resource

  • Teaching sessions
  • Professional development sessions to help support the teaching sessions

The sessions cover mathematics topics at GCSE and A level.

Teaching Sessions

Professional Development

'Jigsaw' software
The 'Formulator Tarsia' software is useful for the adaptation of some of the activities.

Improving Learning in Maths: Challenges and Strategies

This booklet by Malcolm Swan gives the background to this project and the classroom research on which it is based. Further background information is available. 

A full set of materials (previously available as 'hard' CDs and documents) can also obtained from the Excellence Gateway

PowerPoint Presentations
These are PowerPoint slides which introduce the ideas.

Here are ideas for teaching some maths topics at all levels – booklets from Maths4Life
It provides ideas for teaching some maths topics at all levels:

Thinking Through Mathematics – Approaches to Numeracy
Some of the materials from the project are currently restricted to post 16-providers but the approaches will be of interest to all maths teachers.



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11 January 2018 11:32
Goodness! Sorry - when I looked there was a used one for considerably less. I do have one remaining VHS version which you are welcome to have if you can play it. Please email me jane.imrie@ncetm.org.uk
By Jane_Imrie
         Alert us about this comment  
08 January 2018 19:03
Thanks Jane, unfortunately lowest price on amazon is £295 !!!! will try to get through UCL library. Would be worth while reprinting the book, perhaps I'll suggest that to the publishers best wishes Rod
08 January 2018 18:10
Hi Rod The whole of Learning Mathematics through Discussion and Reflection was included as a CD-ROM in Malcolm Swan's book "Collaborative Learning in Mathematics: A Challenge to Our Beliefs and Practices" (2006) which is still available through Amazon etc.
By Jane_Imrie
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08 January 2018 09:15
I believe Swan and Green produced a video in 2002 which was sent out to all FE colleges called 'Learning Mathematics through Discussion and reflection'. Is there a link to this? best wishes Rod Cunningham
14 July 2017 08:58
Hi, sorry but there are no longer any hard copies available for this.
14 July 2017 07:50
If I did want a hard copy (thanks for making them all available online), how would I go about doing this? Thanks!
By jjudgeCAM
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08 February 2016 11:52
Debbie - thanks for letting us know. We've fixed them - if you spot any more, please let us know.
08 February 2016 10:54
Some of these links are no longer working.
By DebbieBarker
         Alert us about this comment  
17 July 2014 14:44
'Building Houses' was one of the applets developed by the Freudenthal Institute in Holland for their secondary education. We had permission to reproduce some of these in the Standards Unit box. The original applets are available on the Freudenthal Institute's Wisweb (http://www.fi.uu.nl/wisweb/en/) .[Click 'Applets' in the top menu and 'Building Houses' appears with others on that page.] There are s number of other excellent applets there too!
By Jane_Imrie
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17 July 2014 12:12
Is it possible to get the interactive 'Building houses' programme for the 3D shapes unit that was on the CD on line anywhere?
By HelenAGS
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22 May 2014 22:09
I have used some of the data resources and they have been well received by both foundation, higher tier GCSE and even a few functional level 2 learners. I will definitely be making use of them next year.
By cbayley1
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18 February 2014 09:36
Hi vishnnee, there are no longer hard copies available for this, but it is all now available online here: https://www.ncetm.org.uk/online-cpd-modules/ttm
18 February 2014 05:09

I wanted to know if as a trainee teacher of Mathematics I can apply to obtain a free hardcopy of the standards units box.



By vishnnee
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