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Early Years Magazine - Issue 11

This page has been archived. The content was correct at the time of original publication, but is no longer updated.
Created on 26 August 2010 by ncetm_administrator
Updated on 07 September 2010 by ncetm_administrator


Early Years Magazine - Issue 11book with rooster and boy

This month’s magazine has a bit of a ‘book’ theme. We look at using Pat Hutchins’ stories in problem solving, reasoning and numeracy and explore Big Book Planning from Scotland. Other articles focus on methods of monitoring early progress and Ian Thompson helps us to understand the meaning of that strange, American word, ‘subitizing’.


Editor's Entrée
Have you had your say on the EYFS Review yet? You only have until 30 September. If summer was too short for you, find out about some useful summer discussion starters and a matching game. Take the BBC’s ‘subitizing’ test and attend Nursery World’s conference on the future of the EYFS.

Focus on...Pat Hutchins, children’s author and illustrator
So many books by Pat Hutchins are useful for Problem Solving, Reasoning and Numeracy. From 10 Red Apples and Changes to Rosie’s Walk and Don’t forget the bacon, we focus on how you might use The Doorbell Rang. Why not make a story sack for one of Pat’s books?

R4U - Research for You
This month, Ian Thompson explores ‘subitizing’, a word you may well have come across when reading about children’s early mathematics, but what does it actually mean? The final paragraph really clarified my understanding, so make sure you read to the end of the article.

NEW! Games
Each month we will bring you a simple, fun game which uses ordinary, everyday resources. Thank you, Zoe, for this great idea! This month we bring you two versions of the Grabber Game.

Case study
This month’s case study comes from Scotland, but children are the same the world over and there is much that is relevant to our Early Years Foundation Stage.

Maths to share - CPD for you and your colleagues
We revisit Teachers TV to look at Monitoring Early Progress, one of their EYFS Today programmes. This is a really useful programme where you have the opportunity to look over practitioner’s shoulders as they assess children and record those assessments to inform planning and progression.


This month’s contributors include Cherri Moseley and Ian Thompson.

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22 September 2010 16:51
Fantastic idea to include a Games item....and what a great starting game. I shall have a think about the games we play to see if one is suitable for submission. Thank you I am enjoying these Early Years Magazines.
By badatmaths
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