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Secondary Magazine - Issue 71: 5 things to do

This page has been archived. The content was correct at the time of original publication, but is no longer updated.
Created on 07 October 2010 by ncetm_administrator
Updated on 26 October 2010 by ncetm_administrator


Secondary Magazine Issue 71Maths Careers website poster competition detail

5 things to do this fortnight

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In memory of Benoît Mandelbrot who died on October 15, you could look at a short slideshow - In pictures: Mandelbrot's fractals, watch the video Mandelbrot Set Zoom, and explore the Mandelbrot Applet.

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Maths Careers website poster competitionWill one of your students be a winner in the Maths Careers website Poster Competition? Could your students design a poster as enchanting as this one?
All the student has to do is pick a mathematician from history, do some ‘digging’ to find out about her or his life and work, and then design a beautiful A4 poster to convey what they find out.


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Would you like to help other teachers, and enhance your professional development, by joining a Mathematics in Education and Industry (MEI) Development Group? Why not go to the MEI Development Groups meeting on Saturday 27 November 2010, starting at noon at the London Mathematical Society?

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The British Society for Research into Learning Mathematics (BSRLM) is for people interested in research in mathematics education and provides a supportive environment for both new and experienced researchers to develop their ideas. BSRLM organises a day conference in each academic term. The next meeting is on 13 November 2010 at Newcastle University.

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On 16 November at 1pm in the Museum of London, Professor John Barrow will give a free public Gresham College lecture about Continued Fractions. How did Ramanujan make good use of their odd features to make striking discoveries?

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Maths Careers website Poster Competition image courtesy of Maths Careers
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