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Using ICT and Digital Technologies for Teaching Mathematics

Created on 21 February 2011 by ncetm_administrator
Updated on 21 March 2017 by ncetm_administrator


Ofsted's report of 2008 (Mathematics: Understanding the score) and the NCETM-funded research report of Miller et al. 2008 (Enabling enhanced mathematics teaching with interactive whiteboards) highlighted difficulties in access to ICT equipment for learners in mathematics lessons and suggest that there is a need for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for mathematics teachers in the interactive use of ICT in mathematics and in supporting the use of ICT by learners.

As a result the NCETM established an ICT group and commissioned Keele University to work with the group with the aim of providing the NCETM with actions and key points in response to the issues raised in these two documents.

This microsite, and the associated sub pages reflect the recommendations that were then made in a full report presented to the ICT group and the NCETM. The report is available to view and download.

For much of the information on this site, we have retained the use of the term ICT as it was our starting point and reflects the literature base but our actions and key points embrace digital technologies.

In particular though, the digital technologies report made the following recommendations, most of which are now live to view

Recommendation 1: Creation of a digital technologies microsite

Recommendation 2: Digital technologies self-evaluation tool on the NCETM portal

Recommendation 3: Clearly identified sections on the use of digital technologies in the NCETM online magazines

Recommendation 4: Leading and supporting the development of digital technologies in mathematics: The NCETM should work with the appropriate subject associations to provide professional development in the use of digital technologies in mathematics for those involved in initial teacher education of mathematics teachers and for those, such as local authority mathematics advisors and equivalent, who have the potential and opportunity to impact on a large number of teachers.

Recommendation 5: Digital technologies: a skills list of seven zones should be produced to form a convenient home against which digital technologies activities could be referenced.

Recommendation 6: A directory of digital technologies professional development trainers who can provide CPD in the use of digital technologies for mathematics teachers should be developed.


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02 May 2012 16:07
This event looks as if it could be useful https://www.ncetm.org.uk/cpd/31870
By SamShort
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15 December 2011 12:34
I would like to hear from teachers who are currently using interactive whiteboards in their classrooms
bye thyarn1
By thyarn1
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22 July 2011 14:32
Hi Magdelena,

You could put the technology in the students hands. They will use it and maybe this will drive the teachers forward. It doesn't have to be complicated. Start small with something like using autograph or quickgraph on the ipod or ipad. If it makes life easier then you can sell it to staff.
By Jayne75
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22 July 2011 11:19
these are all great ideas, and suggestions. Maybe we could reinvigorate the ICT forum https://www.ncetm.org.uk/community/241 with these questions. you could also use the documents area inside that forum to share any resources. it would be interesting to know how teachers would respond to a situation such as Magdalena's.

BTW, lookout for some more case studies and examples of how digital technologies have been used in the classroom coming soon.
By Tim_Stirrup
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15 July 2011 08:39
I have been using iPod touches I lessons. They are a fantastic resource. I would love to know if anyone else is using similar handheld technology and share a few ideas.
By Jayne75
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07 June 2011 10:56
At the school that I'm working they don't have interactive white boards. Most of the teachers are not ready for changes in school because they are scared of the new technology and one of the arguments they use that it will be too difficult to use.
I agree with the idea that teachers need more training and to encourage them to use ICT to support teaching in maths.
24 February 2011 12:43
I like using websites in class that students can then use at home. Readers may be interested in some of the websites I have included on this blog.


Note also the links on the right for further resources which may be of interest.
By Colleen
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