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Train the Trainers

Created on 22 March 2011 by ncetm_administrator
Updated on 25 September 2013 by ncetm_administrator

Train the Trainers

Discover more about ICT and Digital Technology used in mathematics teaching

ICT and Digital Techology used in mathematics teaching

Train the Trainers Initiative – East of England - Focus Group

There was a meeting of Influential Mathematics Teachers in East Midlands/ East of England, at the Haycock Hotel, Wansford, Peterborough, from 4pm Friday 11th – 4pm Saturday 12th February 2011. The objective was to gather enthusiastic classroom teachers in the region

  • to share their enthusiasm for using ICT in their work
  • to prepare a summary so that their enthusiasm can be encapsulated into case studies for the NCETM portal.

Leader: Douglas Butler, iCT Training Centre, Oundle

Case Study authors:

Observer: Colin Matthews, Director for Development, NCETM

Each delegate gave a 30-minute presentation, with discussion. A richness of the detail was observed throughout the sessions, and this only served to underline the amazing breadth of possibilities in use of ICT in the teaching and learning of Mathematics.

The case studies that follow use a variety of resources. By publishing these case studies, the NCETM is not endorsing the use of one or the other of these resources, and indeed many others may also be available. These case studies show how a variety of trainers have used these resources, and the ideas can easily be translated for use elsewhere. We hope you find them useful in your examination of the use of digital technologies to teach mathematics.

Extending this exercise geographically

There is little doubt that plenty of teacher enthusiasts are to be found in mathematics classrooms around the country. The purpose of this exercise has been to unlock this enthusiasm and provide a mechanism for the experiences to be shared to a wider audience.

This focus group activity could be re-run in any geographical location. The primary task is to find a group leader who will:

  • seek out, monitor and pre-assess up to 10 participant ‘enthusiasts’
  • try to create a focus group with a coverage from KS1 ro KS4 and even KS5
  • find a suitable location for a 24-hour event (typically 4pm Friday to 4pm Saturday)
  • give each delegate a 30-minute spot and allow time for discussion and writing up
  • coordinate the files than come in and edit into a ten coherent case studies
  • prepare material in a form that translates easily into web format

What has become clear from this pilot exercise is both the depth and breadth of the potential for ICT to enhance the teaching of mathematics – far more than any other subject.


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