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Secondary Magazine - Issue 84

This page has been archived. The content was correct at the time of original publication, but is no longer updated.
Created on 11 July 2011 by ncetm_administrator
Updated on 02 August 2011 by ncetm_administrator


Secondary Magazine Issue 84

Welcome to Issue 84 of the Secondary Magazine.
School’s out! How are you coping without bells and routines? As you recover mentally and physically from the last academic year, this issue may have some ideas to interest, provoke thought or merely entertain. Have a great holiday! 


From the editor
Following the articles about research in Issue 83, this article considers the General Teaching Council (GTC) web page, Research for teachers, as another source of interesting research.
It's in the News! It fell off the back of a lorry!
The BBC reported that over a million euros really did fall off the back of a lorry in Germany recently. This resource uses the news story as a context to explore estimation, weight and volume, exploring whether students would be able to lift this much money and whether it would fit in the back of a VW Golf. 
The Interview - Hilary Povey
When you think of mathematics teaching, do you SMILE? Hilary Povey, Professor of Mathematics Education at Sheffield Hallam University talks about her involvement with SMILE and Cre8ate in this interview.
A resource for the classroom - Averages Mystery
Are you looking for a way to incorporate thinking and reasoning skills into your everyday teaching? This issue’s resource is an Averages Mystery which aims to do just that. Why not have a look?
5 things to do
Suggestions in this issue include a mathematical tour of a world city, a chance to prepare for some new ‘A’ level teaching or plan a Maths Inspiration visit.
Tales from the classroom
How do you find out what your pupils know? This week’s tale describes an interesting strategy used at the beginning of a lesson solving simultaneous equations.
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