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How can I use the Primary Magazine to support the teaching and learning of mathematics?

Created on 24 July 2012 by ncetm_administrator
Updated on 14 September 2015 by ncetm_administrator


How can I use the Primary Magazine to support the teaching and learning of mathematics?


If you are looking for specific articles in the Primary Magazine to support the teaching and learning of mathematics, this page is especially for you! We have now organised all the articles from the Primary Magazine according to type.

They include:

  • Support for developing your own subject knowledge and that of the teachers you work with
  • Practical ideas and resources for the classroom
  • Ways to reflect and develop your role as a mathematics specialist teacher.

The National Curriculum and the Primary Magazine

From Issue 64 onwards, we took the decision to refresh the Primary Magazine, introducing a number of new features, designed to support teachers in implementing the National Curriculum:

  • National Curriculum in Focus is dedicated to unpicking the new curriculum and how to understand and develop the requirements of the new programmes of study
  • Where’s the Maths in That? shares ideas for ensuring that mathematics is taught and experienced across the curriculum
  • Maths in the Staff Room provides a simple plan for CPD meetings in your school to be led by a member of your staff. These are short meetings that can be used exactly as indicated, or adapted to meet the CPD needs of the school.


Where can I find materials to help support colleagues in the teaching and learning of mathematics?

  • Maths to share to share list in the Primary Magazine has many articles on particular issues in the teaching and learning of mathematics. These articles are designed for mathematics subject leaders who may wish to deliver staff meetings or INSET sessions. They are, however, useful for any teacher wishing to improve their practice.

Where can I go to find ideas for teaching mathematics within other curriculum areas?

  • A little bit of history is a series of articles in the Primary Magazine which look at:
    • Ancient number systems, including the history of our number system
    • Famous mathematicians
    • Mathematical ideas for reinforcing mathematics within a variety of history topics
  • The Art of Mathematics looks at a variety of artists and styles of art. For each artist we give a brief history of their life, links to examples of their work and ideas for mathematical activities to go with specific works.
  • Focus on contains themed articles which give plenty of opportunities to reinforce mathematical topics in an interesting ways.
  • It’s in the news takes topical news items and makes links to many areas of maths. These links can be adapted to EYFS and all primary years.

Discussion Point

Now that you have looked at some of the resources offered by the Primary Magazine, spend some time reflecting on how you can use these to develop your mathematics teaching.

  • How confident do you feel in supporting colleagues using the Maths to share articles?
  • What do you think you need to do, if anything, to increase your confidence?
  • Which articles impressed you most?
    • Why?
  • Do you feel able to look for ways to link mathematics into other areas of the curriculum?
    • How could you encourage other colleagues to make these links?

You could record your reflections in your personal learning space.

Explore a piece of mathematics

Have a close look at one of the little bit of history articles. Plan a series of lessons on one of the history topics suggested which embed mathematical tasks. When you have, teach these lessons and then feedback how it went to your colleagues as a way of encouraging them to try making links

Courses and Networks

Staff meetings
Maths across the curriculum
Primary magazine

Personal Learning

The NCETM provides a Personal Learning Space which allows you to record your reflections, save documents that you have found helpful and share with colleagues.

  • You could use ‘My Learning Journal’ to collect your thoughts and reflections. You can either type these or use the audio facility. You can also attach helpful documents. Why not visit your own PLS now?!
  • You could use ‘My Favourites and Notes’ to capture and organise things you have found and want to use again.
  • You could use the ‘Sharing and Contacts’ facility to share elements of your PLS with colleagues.
  • The ‘request a reminder’ function is helpful if you want to return and look at your reflections at a later date.

See the About Personal Learning page for more details of these and other functions in the PLS.


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12 February 2014 14:44
They're only available online or via email. However, you can download each issue as a PDF.
12 February 2014 14:41
Is there anyway that I can get these magazines posted to me? Or can I only get them via e-mail?
By JD19
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