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The NCETM Professional Development Lead Support Programme (PDLSP)

Created on 05 December 2012 by ncetm_administrator
Updated on 22 June 2018 by ncetm_administrator
  NCETM Professional Development Lead Support Programme

"One of the main criteria for successful PD is that it stimulates new thinking – this certainly did that for me

Very thought provoking and inspiring"

The NCETM Professional Development Lead Support Programme

NCETM Professional Development Lead Accreditation is designed for those who lead professional development for teachers of mathematics. There is a choice from five possible pathways to accreditation depending on the phases of the teachers with whom PD leads work: Early Years, Primary, Secondary, Advanced Level, and Core Maths.

NCETM Accredited PD Lead status is gained by successfully completing a development and accreditation training programme (PDLDA) which involves face-to-face sessions, together with independent and school-based gap tasks, leading to accreditation by the NCETM. Once accredited, there is an ongoing re-registration process and there is also support for PD Leads to maintain accreditation.

What are the key themes of the programme?

Building on good practice identified both nationally and internationally, and focusing on key national priorities, the programme provides the opportunity to:

  • consider some key questions related to the nature and quality of effective professional development activities and programmes;
  • examine fundamental themes and issues in mathematics and mathematics teaching (including those related to the National Curriculum, exam syllabi and teaching for mastery), and to consider the implications of these when supporting other teachers;
  • plan, execute and evaluate effective CPD sessions, Work Groups, projects and programmes.

And, depending on the phase chosen, the programme will support those working with teachers who are implementing teaching for mastery, and those working with Level 3 students.

What is actually involved?

The development and accreditation training programme consists of five elements:

  1. Three development days with gap tasks between them;
  2. Planning, execution and evaluation of a professional development programme;
  3. Responding to formative feedback from the programme’s cohort lead to complete a personalised Programme Planning and Evaluation Template and Session Planning and Evaluation Template;
  4. Submitting a completed Programme and Session Planning and Evaluation Template and a Reflection and Learning Journal for assessment within a given deadline;
  5. A commitment to plan and offer future PD opportunities drawing on the input, discussions and experiences gained during the programme and to offer regular feedback regarding reach and impact (a re-registration process is offered each year following accreditation).

Schools, colleges and other organisations releasing members of staff to participate in this programme will be expected to support members of staff through the programme by enabling them to complete the expectations for accreditation. Senior leaders of any participating organisation will be asked to sign a commitment before the member of staff begins the programme.


Colleagues successfully completing this development and accreditation programme will be accredited by the NCETM to provide professional development in the phase-specific priority areas addressed in the sessions.

NCETM Accredited PD Leads will:

  • receive a certificate indicating their status as an ‘NCETM Professional Development Accredited Lead’;
  • be entered into the CPD Providers Directory on the NCETM website;
  • receive an ‘NCETM Professional Development Accredited Lead’ logo which can be used on any relevant documentation to signal their accreditation;
  • join an online community of Accredited PD Leads;
  • be required to re-register each year by:
    • updating contact information (including whether they have moved organisations);
    • updating information about the reach of the professional development provided as a result of the PD Lead training;
    • agreeing to commit to a further year, providing professional development based on the content of the PD Lead training.

How to apply

Applications for the PD Leadership Programme are managed through Maths Hubs. If you are interested in applying, please contact your nearest hub to express an interest. They will then advise you on the detail of the application process.

Beyond accreditation

The NCETM maintains the community of PD Accredited Leads. This includes managing the annual re-registration process, updating the PD Accredited Lead online directory and maintaining ongoing engagement with a growing community of NCETM PD Accredited Leads through an online community, webinars and, when possible, face-to-face events.

Accredited PD Leads are encouraged to use their ongoing work as part of the submission and evidence for their organisation to gain the NCETM CPD Standard.



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