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Video material to support the implementation of the National Curriculum

Created on 13 March 2013 by ncetm_administrator
Updated on 17 March 2020 by ncetm_administrator

Video material to support the implementation of the National Curriculum


This collection of 60 short videos, filmed in a range of school classrooms in 2012 and 2013, shows teaching, and learning, in line with the three overall aims of the new National Curriculum. These aims are that pupils should develop fluency, reason mathematically and be able to solve problems. Research by the Department for Education demonstrates that a key feature of mathematics lessons in high performing jurisdictions is that the development of quick recall, accuracy and fluency in parallel with the development of understanding and reasoning are all required to promote sound mathematical development (See p 70 of the DfE document listed below).

The first video, immediately below, gives a ten-minute overview of the whole library of clips, and their relevance to the new curriculum. Individual videos can be accessed via the buttons further below or the links on the right of this page.

You can also find the videos on our YouTube channel - and you may find it useful to download them to your own device, using the links given beneath each video.

If you encounter any problems with the videos, please contact us.




  • Multiple Representations of Multiplication
    Multiplication Key Stage 1
  • The commutative law for multiplication
    Multiplication Key Stage 1
  • Grid multiplication as an interim step
    Multiplication Lower Key Stage 2
  • Moving from grid to a column method
    Multiplication Upper Key Stage 2



  • Partitioning
    Subtraction Lower Key Stage 2
  • Discussing Subtraction Strategies
    Subtraction Lower Key Stage 2
  • Developing Column Subtraction
    Subtraction Lower Key Stage 2
  • Column Subtraction
    Subtraction Upper Key Stage 2


Number Facts

  • Number bonds to ten
    Addition and Subtraction Key Stage 1
  • Consolidation and practice
    Addition and Subtraction Key Stage 1
  • Reinforcing Table Facts
    Multiplication Key Stage 1
  • Rapid recall of multiplication facts
    Multiplication Key Stage 1


Number and Place Value

  • Counting in steps of one and ten
    Number Sense and Place Value Key Stage 1
  • Partitioning in different ways
    Addition and Subtraction Key Stage 1
  • Using resources to develop fluency and understanding
    Addition and Subtraction Key Stage 1
  • Partitioning
    Subtraction Lower Key Stage 2



  • Sharing and grouping
    The Structure of Division - Key Stage 1
  • Place value counters for division
    Division Key Stage 2
  • Group working on problems
    Division - Key Stage 3



  • Adding fractions and mixed numbers
    Fractions - Key Stage 1’
  • Using an array to add fractions
    Fractions - Key Stage 2
  • Bar model dividing by fractions
    Fractions - Key Stage 2
  • Fraction wall to add fractions
    Fractions - Key Stage 3



  • Look at ’missing numbers’
    Algebra - Key Stage 1
  • Equations and substitution
    Algebra - Key Stage 2
  • Factorising
    Algebra - Key Stage 3


Multiplicative Reasoning

  • Bar model for multiplication
    Multiplicative reasoning - Key Stage 2
  • Ratio and proportion
    Multiplicative reasoning - Key Stage 3


The Department for Education (2012), Review of the National Curriculum in England, What can we learn from the English, mathematics and science curricula of high- performing jurisdictions? Research Report DFE-RR178.

Ofsted (2011) Good practice in primary mathematics: evidence from 20 successful schools, Ref: 110140, Crown Copyright.



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03 June 2015 09:58
A number of schools within Maths Hubs have made recordings of lessons given by teachers from Shanghai, and are sharing them in various ways. Your local Maths Hub may be able to tell you how to access their material. At the NCETM, we plan (by the end of term) to publish a video, from an English primary classroomn, of a lesson in which teaching for mastery is exemplified.
02 June 2015 17:01
The videos are brilliant. Have used them during many training sessions.

Does anyone know where the Chinese videos are?
By Emmygem
         Alert us about this comment  
01 July 2014 22:57
Excellent will use these during staff training. Thank you
By debdon
         Alert us about this comment  
26 April 2014 09:19
This is very helpful especially when you are starting a new week's work and want to check your understanding and explanation of concepts and methods before you explain them to someone else!
By FCoulam1
         Alert us about this comment  
01 April 2014 19:49
Just what we've been waiting for! More please.
By embell66
         Alert us about this comment  
30 March 2014 17:40
So helpful since i'm still training! Thank you!
28 November 2013 11:58
REALLY excellent resource...thank you!
By mrcolinwong
         Alert us about this comment  
12 November 2013 21:50
Excellent resources that will be very useful to use in staff meetings. Thank you
By Alisonlowe
         Alert us about this comment  
23 October 2013 15:14
Using these videos helped the teachers see what I was referring to in a real class context. Really helpful. Particularly the moving from grid to column method.
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