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Primary Magazine - Issue 53: Focus on

Created on 20 June 2013 by ncetm_administrator
Updated on 02 July 2013 by ncetm_administrator


Primary Magazine Issue 53Wembley Stadium by Martin Pettitt, some rights reserved

Focus on...
Mathematics trails

In this issue of Focus On... we share a mathematics trail designed by three students in their second year at Kingston University, Matt Woods, Sean Moran and Becky Viner-Waite. Matt, Sean and Becky are history/geography specialists. Matt says:

"We are very pleased with our maths trail as we believe it makes maths more accessible and applies it to real life scenarios so children can see why we learn maths. I've always found maths hard to engage with but by choosing a topic or a place like Wembley Stadium, it can be made interesting to children who would prefer to be out playing football rather than in a lesson. It may be stereotypically for boys but a similar maths trail could be made about more or less any outside area, for example, Disneyland, or the function of Wembley Stadium could be changed, for example to a concert venue to make it interesting to girls."

As you can see from Matt’s comment, their trail takes us around Wembley Stadium. The ideas here can be reproduced for all football stadiums around the country. So if you are planning a trip to one, use some of their ideas, we are sure they would be delighted. If you do please let us know how you get on.

As suggested in the article about the mathematics trail to Legoland in Issue 52, there is always plenty of mathematics involved in planning a trip to such a place, for example:

  • using calendars to plan the date
  • working out the cost
  • finding a suitable route and working out how long it will take in a coach travelling at an average speed of 50mph
  • finding a coach of a suitable capacity
  • working out what time to leave school to get there for 9am and what time you will return
  • exploring the cost of items in the ‘gift shop’ and considering the amount of spending money the children might like to take.

Wembley from a stand by Mjames, some rights reserved Wembley from a stand

Back to the mathematics trail…

The activities in this trail meet many aspects of the Mathematics National Curriculum and can be adapted to suit both Key Stage One and Key Stage Two. These include:

  • addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
  • calculating areas
  • money
  • time.

The second slide has some mathematical facts about Wembley which could lead to some word problems involving the four operations. These could include fractions and percentages. There are also opportunities for scaling and measuring if you wish the children to make drawings or models.

The second slide asks the children how to get to Wembley on the London Underground. Many children find these maps fascinating and so it could be explored in different ways, for example, how many different ways are there to get from Waterloo to Wembley? Which would be the shortest route? The children could look on a street map for underground stations and calculate the distances apart on the ground.

The other slides give suggestions of problems to solve which involve such areas of mathematics as number, money and measurement including time. These can be extended and developed further to suit your children.

You could continue with this theme and explore football matches further, developing a variety of problems and investigations for the children to solve.

Problem Solving is a component of the trail, with the activities containing an element of this. The trail also puts mathematics into context and allows children to recognise that it is incorporated into numerous aspects of everyday life.

Have fun exploring the mathematical possibilities of Wembley Stadium!

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Image credits
Page header by Martin Pettitt, some rights reserved
Wembley from a stand by Mjames, some rights reserved

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