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Primary Magazine - Issue 54: Maths clubs

Created on 12 July 2013 by ncetm_administrator
Updated on 06 August 2013 by ncetm_administrator


Primary Magazine Issue 54Sunflowers by Debarshi Ray, some rights reserved


Welcome to Issue 54 of the Primary Magazine – a very different issue this month! As we are now in August and you are hopefully enjoying some summer sunshine away from the classroom, we thought it might be fun to suggest something that you might like to consider when you go back to school in September! Alternatively you could just have a browse through this issue and maybe try out some of the ideas.

Also, why not take the opportunity to look at some back issues - particularly Focus on…, The Art of Mathematics, and A Little Bit of History. They might inspire you with some interesting ideas to develop in your mathematics lessons next term, or give you mathsy ideas to put into your topic work.

We’ll be back to normal in Issue 55. Happy holidays!

Mathematics Clubs

Have you ever thought about running a mathematics club? If you have and already run one, we would be really interested to hear about what you do. Please let us know.

If you don’t, read on…some of these ideas might inspire you to have a go! Many of the ideas have been sourced from Maths Week Ireland.

Why organise a mathematics club?

Lots of reasons!

Some of these might include:

  • to develop the children’s knowledge and enjoyment of mathematics
  • to apply their knowledge from school lessons to fun and challenging games and problems
  • to apply their mathematics skills to real life situations
  • to develop team-working skills and turn-taking and interaction with peers
  • to develop the children’s awareness of links between mathematics and other subject areas
  • to develop creativity
  • to have a chance to try new things that are not within the normal curriculum
  • to develop thinking skills
  • to raise standards
  • to have some fun!

How to get started…

Think of a theme! There are so many possibilities. Here are a few to get you thinking:

Finally, you might be interested in reading this short blog by Rachel Jackson, Primary Specialist at the National STEM Centre and the associated links on word problems and the Singapore bar.

Image credit
Page header by Debarshi Raysome rights reserved

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10 January 2014 10:17
From user alifletch:

"I have successfully set up and developed maths clubs in two schools now. My current school has approx 50 families attend before school. It is having a real impact on parent and child engagement as well as parents' confidence in supporting their children with maths and asking questions in an informal environment. :-)"
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