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NCETM Twitter chats #mathscpdchat every Tuesday from 7pm to 8pm

Created on 24 July 2013 by ncetm_administrator
Updated on 18 June 2019 by ncetm_administrator

NCETM Twitter chats #mathscpdchat - every Tuesday from 7pm to 8pm

These weekly, Twitter-based chats are designed to engage UK maths teachers of all age-groups – including, of course, primary and trainee teachers – as well as all amaths education professionals involved in helping teachers with their initial and ongoing professional learning.

Each chat is centred on a specific theme, always relevant to maths professional development, and gently steered by a moderator from the maths education community. We welcome all suggestions for discussion themes, and offers of volunteer moderators. These can be emailed to us at info@ncetm.org.uk, or tweet us at either @mathscpdchat or @NCETM, or use the Comments box at the bottom of this page.

The weekly discussions are grouped together under the hashtag #mathscpdchat (see How to take part in a discussion below for more explanation) and set in motion by the NCETM's @mathscpdchat Twitter account. A record of all contributions to each discussion can be found in the archive below.

If you need more information or assistance, please do contact us: we'll be happy to help!

How to take part in a discussion

  1. First of all, if you haven’t already got one, you will need a Twitter account of your own. When you’ve got one, make sure you follow @NCETM, along with any other people or organisations who interest you. Twitter has its own tour as well as a getting started guide
  2. Include the hashtag #mathscpdchat in all of your Tweets during the discussion
  3. You will also need a means of ensuring that you can see all other Tweets that include #mathscpdchat, as well Tweets from the people you choose to follow. One option to achieve this (at no cost) is TweetDeck.
  4. Join the discussion and have your say
  5. Watch this page for details of how to read archived versions of all weekly chats
  6. Spread the word to anyone interested in maths CPD.

Forthcoming discussion dates and topics

We are always interested in suggested topics and/or volunteer hosts. Suggestions/offers to info@ncetm.org.uk or tweet us @mathscpdchat.

Date Discussion topic
18 June Multiples, factors and prime numbers: teaching pupils to understand how they're connected and how they can be used! Host: Gerry McNally (@mcnally_gerry)
25 June How can you make the best use of mini whiteboards in maths lessons? Host: Simon Ball (@ballyzero)

Previous Chats

These are the discussions held from 2018 onwards. Summaries of all chats prior to May 2018 were originally created using the online tool Storify, which ceased operation at the end of April 2018. Shortly before Storify was taken out of service, we extracted each summary as a PDF document, embedded in the links below.

Summaries of all chats 2013-17 are available here.

Click the headings to sort the columns in ascending or descending order

Date Discussion topic
2018-01-09090118 Books about teaching maths: which have really helped you and why? Hosted by @martynyeouk
2018-01-16160118 Teaching money management skills: is it the job of teachers? If so, how best to do it? Hosted by @HeatherMassey2
2018-01-23230118 Assessment in maths: how to support learning without adding to workload? Hosted by @Arithmaticks
2018-01-30300118 Manipulatives as learning aids: which could you not do without, and why? Hosted by @martynyeouk
2018-02-06060218 Supporting trainee teachers: how best to give constructive feedback as a mentor or host? Hosted by @Arithmaticks
2018-02-20200218 Behaviour management: how can you create an environment in which pupils’ behaviour contributes to learning in maths lessons? Hosted by @MrMattock
2018-02-27270218 Learning about fractions from Y5 to Y8: how to establish continuity of conceptual development? Hosted by @p4ssionform4ths
2018-03-06060318 How to get pupils to ask their own mathematical questions? Hosted by @Arithmaticks
2018-03-13130318 Different teaching strategies in single-sex versus mixed maths classes? Surely not! Discuss. Hosted by @Arithmaticks
2018-03-20200318 How best to support teachers with maths-knowledge anxiety? Hosted by @martynyeouk
2018-03-27270318 What is the best way to plan a maths lesson? Hosted by @MrsMathematica
2018-04-17170418 Revision classes for SATs: a good use of time? Hosted by @martynyeouk
2018-04-17240418 Simultaneous equations: how best to help pupils master them? Hosted by @Arithmaticks
2018-05-01010518 The problem-solving and reasoning aspects of GCSE: how are you preparing pupils (particularly those with previous low attainment)? Hosted by @HelmeRachel
2018-05-08080518 What (if anything) is different about the way you teach maths this year? Why the change? Has it worked? Hosted by @martynyeouk
2018-05-15150518 Teaching maths during your first few years: what, or who, was most helpful? Hosted by @Arithmaticks
2018-05-22220518 Variation within pupils’ tasks: what does this mean to you, and how best to use it? Hosted by @mathsmrgordon
2018-06-55050618 The NCETM’s Numberblocks Support Materials: how would you use them? Hosted by @martynyeouk (the materials are at https://www.ncetm.org.uk/numberblocks).
2018-06-12120618 What do we mean by ‘Secondary readiness’ in relation to mathematics? Host: @Arithmaticks

Discussion initiated by an item from NCETM’s Questions, tasks and activities to support assessment: Year 6:

What further questions, such as 'Why...', 'What happens if...' could you ask to check that pupils really understand the ideas involved, and can use their understanding to solve a variety of problems?

Host: @mrmarchayes - a summary of the discussion is here.
2018-06-26260618 Time to ditch SOHCAHTOA? How to support deep understanding in trigonometry? Hosted by @Arithmaticks
2018-07-03030718 Two GCSE exam seasons now behind us: are we feeling clearer about what, and how we should teach? Hosted by @mathsmumof2
2018-07-10100718 Algebra without letters? How to introduce algebra without ‘letters-instead-of-numbers' spooking students? Hosted by @Arithmaticks
2018-07-17170718 Number lines: how/why do you use them? Hosted by @martynyeouk
2018-09-11110918 Experienced teachers: what ‘advice’ do you give to NQTs at the start of the school year? NQTs: what sort of advice would help you? Hosted by @Arithmaticks.
2018-09-18180918 GCSE Maths: what did this year’s results teach you, and how might you refine your teaching accordingly? Hosted by @RJS2212.
2018-09-25250918 What is mathematical ‘play’? In lessons, do you deliberately (for a purpose) provide opportunities for learners to ‘play’ mathematically? Hosted by @martynyeouk.
2018-10-02021018 What, if anything, does ‘Cognitive Load Theory’ (CLT) mean to you? Does it feature in your lesson planning and classroom interactions? Hosted by @MrMattock.
2018-10-09091018 What is revision of mathematics? Why, how, where and when to do it? Should you even do it? Hosted by @tessmaths
2018-10-16161018 Y6 to Y7 transfer: what ‘issues’ for the mathematics learning of your pupils have you coped with this year? How? Hosted by @Arithmaticks
2018-10-30301018 Preparing KS4 students for maths courses that start in Y12: how best to do it? Hosted by @mathscpdchat
2018-11-06061118 Early number sense: how do you help pupils develop it? Hosted by @martynyeouk
2018-11-13131118 Mathematical sequences: how do you teach pupils to understand and use them? Hosted by Kathryn Darwin @Arithmaticks
2018-11-20201118 Using calculators to support deep understanding. Hosted by @AlisonHopper68
2018-11-27271118 Mathematical applications and websites for pupils to use at home: what would you recommend to a parent, and why? Hosted by @martynyeouk
2018-12-04041218 How do pupils learn to understand and use indices and surds? Hosted by @Arithmaticks
2018-12-11111218 'People Maths'...pupils acting out mathematical ideas and problem-solutions: what works well? Hosted by @JennyHillParker
2018-12-18181218 What’s gone well for you in maths lessons this term? Which teaching strategies, materials, problems, lessons, … have worked particularly well with your pupils this term? Hosted by @Arithmaticks
2019-01-08080119 How are you helping pupils develop mathematical-reasoning skills? Hosted by @Arithmaticks
2019-01-15150119 ‘Which one doesn’t belong?’ (WODB) challenges: do you use them? If so, how? Hosted by @martynyeouk
2019-01-22220119 Multiplicative reasoning: the key to fluency and deeper understanding. How do you help pupils acquire it? Hosted by @AlisonHopper68
2019-01-29290119 How do you interpret ‘retrieval practice’ and ‘interleaving’? Ideas for the classroom? Hosted by @JennyHillParker
2019-02-05050219 Natural tensions in the mathematics classroom: how do you manage them? Hosted by @Arithmaticks
2019-02-12120219 Hooking them in! What are great ways to start a maths lesson? Hosted by @RJS2212
2019-02-26260219 Links with parents: how do you establish and maintain them? Hosted by @martynyeouk
2019-03-05050319 Making the most of a visualiser in your mathematics classroom: how do you use yours? Hosted by @ballyzero
2019-03-12120319 How to use the context of measurement to good effect in the teaching of decimals? Hosted by @AlisonHopper68
2019-03-19190319 Helping pupils turn word-phrases into expressions and statements into equations. Hosted by @Arithmaticks
2019-03-26260319 What kinds of question facilitate mathematical learning? Hosted by @LaSalleEd
2019-04-02020419 How can Teaching Assistants best support mathematics teaching and learning? Hosted by @martynyeouk. NB: this topic was repeated on 16 April becasue of variation in the Easter break across the country
2019-04-30300419 Finding the nth term of a quadratic sequence: how do your pupils learn to do it? Hosted by @Arithmaticks
2019-05-07070519 Cuisenaire rods: what has worked particularly well for you? Hosted by @AlisonHopper68
2019-05-14140519 Representing algebraic relationships graphically at A level. Hosted by @mcnally_gerry
2019-05-21210519 Ways of getting pupils to deeply-understand and use times tables: what works well? Hosted by @RJS2212
2019-06-04040619 Mathematical resilience: what does it look like, and how can we support it? Hosted by @martynyeouk
2019-06-11110619 Pupils’ mathematics learning during the first half term of Year 7: what are your plans for next term? Hosted by @mathsmumof2


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