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National Curriculum: Number and Place Value - Year 1 - Articles

Created on 11 October 2013 by ncetm_administrator
Updated on 03 February 2014 by ncetm_administrator


  • Early years mathematics education Anthony G. & M. Walshaw (2007) ‘Early years mathematics education’, Ch 3 in Effective pedagogy in mathematics/pangarau: best evidence synthesis (BES) Wellington, NZ : Ministry of Education

This is a review of research into early mathematics pedagogy – it provides a useful overview, including aspects such as informal recording and bridging with home learning.

Jenni Back argues that multiple representations of numbers help children develop essential abstract concepts, such as “the 'sixness' of six”, drawing on research in Hungary with seven year olds.

  • An alternative counting model Thompson, I. (2010) An alternative counting model, National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics, Early Years Magazine, Issue 8

In his article in Issue 8 of the NCETM Early Years magazine, Ian Thompson explains important aspects of counting, especially ‘counting for cardinality’ and the key assessment e.g. ‘Give me 9 things’.

Ian Thompson argues that young children begin by understanding place value as quantity value (47 as 40 +7) not column value (47 as 4 tens and 7 ones), and many of us should reconsider the way in which it is introduced to young children.

  • The value of two Trundley, R. (2008) ‘The value of two’ Mathematics Teaching 211 17-21

In this engaging illustrated article, Ruth Trundley describes how her very young twin daughters learned about numbers differently, including understanding cardinality and the ‘successor function’ (the one more/less than relationship between the counting numbers) which underpins the number system.


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