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National Curriculum: Number and Place Value - Year 3 - Activities

Created on 11 October 2013 by ncetm_administrator
Updated on 26 September 2016 by ncetm_administrator


Programme of Study statement Activity
Count from 0 in multiples of 4, 8, 50 and 100; find 10 or 100 more or less than a given number          

Recognise the place value of each digit in a three-digit number (hundreds, tens, ones)

Compare and order numbers up to 1000    
Identify, represent and estimate numbers using different representations    
Read and write numbers up to 1000 in numerals and words    

Solve number problems and practical problems involving these ideas

Activity A – Ordering 2 digit numbers; creating 2-digit numbers from 3 or 4 digits

Year 3 Lessons 66 – 70 from Centre for Innovation in Mathematics Teaching: MEP scheme of work

These resources comprise lesson plans. Scroll through the pdf to find Lesson 66. The corresponding pupil worksheet can be found on Page 66. There are further resources that can be projected onto an interactive whiteboard or other screen.

Again scroll through until you find a sheet with LP 66/2 in the bottom right hand corner – the ‘2’ refers to task 2 on the lesson plan. Further lessons 67 – 70 are on the same topic. Use practical apparatus such as Dienes’ blocks to support the children’s reasoning. These resources are quite demanding mathematically and arranged to be taught through whole class teaching which is a different approach from differentiating by task. The idea is that every child in the class is exposed to each of a number of short tasks and sees the correct answers which are shared at frequent intervals even though they may not all manage to complete everything.

The scheme of work to help you find more resources like this can be found here in the centre of the page.

Activity B – Which Scripts?

This rich activity encourages children to think deeply about place value and the nature of numbers. It requires children to sort out the information and to work out what they know in order to solve the problem. Suggestions about how to structure a lesson around using it are included in the notes.

Activity C – Which is quicker?

This activity explores what happens when you count in jumps of different steps. How many steps will you need to make to reach your target number? Which will be quicker counting in 3s or 30s to reach 1000? Why? Plenty of scope for extension and exploring the meaning of the children’s findings as well as opportunities to practice counting in jumps in a meaningful context.

Activity D – The Deca Tree

An exploration of the ways in which our place value system works by exploring a fantasy problem. Detailed suggestions of approaches, extension and support are offered and there are, as usual from NRICH, some real examples of children’s response to the task which help to see where it might lead.

Activity E – Exploring Place Value or the Value of Place

Take 3 digit cards and see how many different numbers you can make. Write them in words and symbols. Order them from smallest to largest. Order them from largest to smallest. How many do you think you can make? How do you know that you have got them all? These ideas are explored further by Mike Ollerton in his task Exploring Place Value which you can find on his website.

Useful Resources

  • Dienes apparatus
  • Place value cars
  • Digit cards
  • Number lines
  • Dice
  • Dominoes
  • Calculators
  • Bead strings
  • Unifix or multi link cubes
  • Cuisenaire rods
  • Numicon
  • 100 square

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26 September 2016 09:48
Thank you for letting us know, these have now been fixed.
25 September 2016 10:49
Links on Activity A don't work.
By ecarr
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28 July 2015 09:10
Thank you for informing us of the broken link. This has now been fixed.
27 July 2015 21:16
Hi, the link on Activity E doesn't work anymore. I think (hope!) this is the right file: http://www.mikeollerton.com/pubs/Place%20Value.pdf
By iamclairei
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08 September 2014 09:38
The PDFs are linked external resources from the Centre for Innovation in Mathematics Teaching at the University of Plymouth. As such the documents are outside of our control to amend.
06 September 2014 11:33
It would be helpful if the PDF was not password protected and cutting and pasting it to fit your own class was easier!
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