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National Curriculum: Addition and Subtraction - Year 5 - Video

Created on 14 October 2013 by ncetm_administrator
Updated on 17 January 2014 by ncetm_administrator



A suite of videos looking at elements of progression in subtraction in KS2, with a particular focus on the vertical written method.



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19 October 2017 18:32
Agreed, the language of "exchange" or "regroup" should be used. Also unitising applied so in a tens column a 3 and a 4 can be refered to as 3 and 4 (undertanding that these are in the tens columns and thefore are 3 and 4 units of 10) Unfortunately though we are unable to edit the video.
18 October 2017 16:24
I agree the language being used needs to be updated . The term 'borrowed' shouldn't be used as that infers that you will 'give back' ,therefor exchange would be better suited . Aso when adding tens/ hundreds etc you refer to them as ones/units i.e. 5 plus 4 as opposed to 50 plus 40 .
By oliv
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23 September 2017 14:02
Basic column addition explained video- language needs to be updated to reflect the change from 'units' to 'ones'
By Ladynade68
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