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National Curriculum: Multiplication and Division - Year 1 - Activities

Created on 14 October 2013 by ncetm_administrator
Updated on 03 February 2014 by ncetm_administrator


Programmes of Study statements Activities
Solve one-step problems involving multiplication and division, by calculating the answer using concrete objects, pictorial representations and arrays with the support of a teacher. bullet bullet bullet bullet

Actvity A - Noah’s Ark

Give the children the opportunity to count in twos, finding the total number of animals on board the Ark. As the children gain fluency counting in twos, start at different numbers and perhaps changing from using concrete objects, to jumping in twos along a number line. Further uses could be to find the number of groups of two on the ark, again initially using tangible objects, then moving on to using a number line and demonstrating repeated subtraction.

Activity B - Arrays powerpoint

This resource is based in ‘PowerPoint’. The teacher can set simple multiplication word problems for the children to solve. It is also useful for modelling arrays and how to write a multiplication sentence.

Activity C - Whole class counting sessions

For this activity the children themselves are the objects to count. You can count in twos to find the number of shoes in a group, count fingers on hands in fives and number of toes in tens. To extend the children you can ask them to model how to write down this calculation or alter it to practise their division facts from the 2, 5 and 10 times tables.

Activity D - NRICH Share Bears:

A lovely investigation involving the children in division by sharing, and early introduction to the concept of remainders.


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09 June 2015 18:01
This seems like a suitable alternative here: https://www.tes.co.uk/teaching-resource/multiplication-using-arrays-6303095
16 January 2015 10:51
Activity B still isn't working, shame really, would have been helpful for my LA.
By rich2405
         Alert us about this comment  
07 August 2014 15:44
We've contacted TopicBox again about this, and we'll post any information from them here.
07 August 2014 15:32
The arrays powerpoint cannot be opened still. Has there been any development on this matter? It would be useful to have please!
By aplamer07
         Alert us about this comment  
20 March 2014 09:42

This is a link to content on an external site. Unfortunately, we do not have control over the other site's content. However, we will contact them to bring this matter to their attention.
19 March 2014 19:09
Activity B - Arrays powerpoint link works but power point does not open
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