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National Curriculum: Fractions (including decimals and percentages) - Year 2 - Activities

Created on 15 October 2013 by ncetm_administrator
Updated on 11 February 2014 by ncetm_administrator


Knowledge and understanding covered in Year 2 Fractions Programme of Study Activities
Recognise fractions of shapes bullet bullet bullet  
Write fractions   bullet bullet bullet
Recognise fractions of a quantity bullet bullet bullet bullet
Recognise equivalence of 24 and 12     bullet  
Find fractions of objects       bullet

Activity A(i) – Halving

This problem is a wonderful way to consolidate children's understanding of halving and halves. It also gives learners experience of mathematical proof.

Activity A (ii) - Early Fraction Development

In this article, Bernard Bagnall outlines suggestions for tasks which will help young children develop the concept of fractions


Activities B – Colouring halves and quarters of shapes

Colour a half of these shapes


Colour a quarter of each shape


Activities C – What fractions is shaded?

What fraction of each of these shapes is shaded


What are two ways we could write this fraction?


Activities D

Find the number.....

What is half of 12?


A half of 12 is _________

What is a third of 15?


A third of 15 is _________

What is a Quarter of 8?


A quarter of 8 is _________

What is two thirds of 9?


Two thirds of 9 is _________

What is three quarters of 24?


Three quarters of 24 is _________

Making longer, making shorter

From nrich, brings in doubling, halves and quarters in a very practical way using rods made from interlocking cubes. It gives children a practical context in which to explore simple multiplying and dividing, even if these particular terms are not used explicitly. It can provide a very useful context for introducing and using the vocabulary of halves and quarters.

Useful Resources

Powerpoint slides – Key Stage 1 Fractions

A series of powerpoint slides which can be used as starting points to a discussion. Slides are adapable

Powerpoint slides – Key Stage 1 Fractions – Misconceptions

A series of powerpoint slides which can be used to unpick misconceptions.

Powerpoint slides – Key Stage 1 Resources

Useful set of slides to cut and laminate to support the teaching of fractions.


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