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National Curriculum: Fractions (including decimals and precentages) - Year 3 - Articles

Created on 15 October 2013 by ncetm_administrator
Updated on 13 April 2016 by ncetm_administrator


This is an overall guide to some of the complexities in teaching and learning fractions, including possible misconceptions. The document also includes some suggestions for activities.

Please note, this publication was written for teachers of adult learners – lots of useful information and ideas though you will want to adapt activities.

This article addresses some of children’s basic ideas about fractions.

This research guide focuses on students’ difficulties with fractions and provides suggestions for teachers to improve fractions instruction in their own classrooms. The guide is broken up under clear subheadings that address different aspects of why fractions are difficult to teach.

This tool is an interactive, web based diagnostic tool to support teachers in dealing with children’s gaps and misconceptions in maths. It includes guidance papers on what makes these areas tricky to teach, and examples of probing questions to support diagnosis of specific misconceptions or gaps. Additionally, it is linked to a detailed list of models and images to support the development of children’s understanding of fractions.

This concept map from a New Zealand teaching website organises and explains the different aspects of teaching fractions in a clear, visual way. It also provides definitions for vocabulary encountered when teaching fractions. There are links to some useful activities and games, although many are locked to those outside New Zealand.

An introductory guide to using the Singapore bar model, with ideas on how it can be used to support problem solving in maths, including fractions.

A useful article in which Bernard Bagnall outlines tasks which will help young children develop the concept of fractions. It could be a good starting point for assessing pupils and has many activities involving the folding of paper.


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