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National Curriculum: Fractions (including decimals and precentages) - Year 6 - Articles

Created on 15 October 2013 by ncetm_administrator
Updated on 18 December 2013 by ncetm_administrator


This is a booklet written for teachers of adult learners. It is, of course, a useful guide for teachers of learners of all ages and addresses some of the complexities in teaching and learning fractions, including possible misconceptions. The document also includes some suggestions for activities that would be adaptable for use with children.

Nunes, T., Bryant P., Hurry, J. & Pretzlik, U. (2006) Teaching and learning research briefing, no 13, London, The Institute of Education Published by the Economic and Social research council NCETM

Rationale for teaching fractions, with careful consideration of likely misconceptions

Audrey’s acquisition of fractions - Keijzer, R. and Terwel, J. Audrey’s acquisition of fractions: A case study into the learning of formal mathematics in Educational Studies in Mathematics. Vol 47, Numb4er 1/ May 2001, pp 53 - 73

An account of one child’s learning journey, using a range of models and images

Pumfrey, L. Nrich article, available on their website

Explains the history of fractions, making useful links with the emergence of Egyptian fractions, which focus on unitary fractions, a useful starting point.

Moat, O.- article on the NCETM website

This article describes how Olivia, as part of her work on the MaST programme, used strips and cubes to support the understanding of fractions by a group of year 6 children


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