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National Curriculum: Ratio, proportion and rates of change - KS3 - Articles

Created on 15 October 2013 by ncetm_administrator
Updated on 13 April 2016 by ncetm_administrator


  • Ratio and Proportional Reasoning A. Watson, K. Jones, D. Pratt, 2013 The authors use research about students’ understanding of ratio and proportional reasoning to shed light on difficulties which seriously hinder success across mathematics. They examine the strengths and limitations of various teaching approaches and make suggestions about how teachers might work with colleagues on teaching ratio and proportional reasoning.
  • The struggle to achieve multiplicative reasoning 11-14, Margaret Brown, Dietmar Küchemann and Jeremy Hodgen, 2010. Multiplicative reasoning is a key competence for many areas of employment and everyday life, and for further mathematical study. It is however a complex conceptual field. The ICCAMS (Improving Competence and Confidence in Algebra and Multiplicative Structures) project, with multiplicative reasoning as one of its two focus themes, has in Phase 1 conducted a broadly representative survey of attainment which suggests that standards in this area have not risen since the 1970s and that relatively few students are achieving competence in relevant areas. Student difficulties are illustrated by evidence from group interviews in Phase 2 of the project.
  • Ratio or Proportion?, Nrich Team, Discussion of the similarities and differences between ‘ratio’ and ‘proportion’ and how the word ‘proportion’ is used in two different ways.
  • Misconceptions with the Key Objectives, has a section (from page 60) identifying common misconceptions in ratio and proportion and suggesting effective questions to tackle them.
  • The NCETM Departmental Workshop on Proportional Reasoning gives a range of PD activities for a department to share to deepen understanding and strategies for teaching about proportions.

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