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National Curriculum: Geometry - Properties of Shapes - Year 6 - Activities

Created on 23 October 2013 by ncetm_administrator
Updated on 18 December 2013 by ncetm_administrator


Programme of Study statements Activities
draw 2-D shapes using given dimensions and angles         bullet    
recognise, describe and build simple 3-D shapes, including making nets bullet         bullet  
compare and classify geometric shapes based on their properties and sizes and find unknown angles in any triangles, quadrilaterals, and regular polygons   bullet   bullet bullet  
illustrate and name parts of circles, including radius, diameter and circumference and know that the diameter is twice the radius     bullet       bullet
recognise angles where they meet at a point, are on a straight line, or are vertically opposite, and find missing angles   bullet          

Activity A - Thinking 3D

A series of activities designed to support the development of transferring a 2D representation of a 3D object into a model of the object itself as well as gaining an understanding of positional language.

3D shape

Activity B - Round a Hexagon

An activity from Nrich supporting the finding of missing angles, including internal and external angles and the use of a protractor.

shape with missing angles

Activity C - Watching the wheels go round and round

An Nrich activity to support understanding of the term circumference. Links are made to converting units of measure.

Penny Farthing bicycle

Activity D - Quadrilaterals Game

An activity to compare and classify geometric shapes based on their properties in a game that is linked to the card game rummy.

cards with geometric shapes

Activity E - Property Chart

This activity used property charts to compare and classify geometric shapes based on their properties.

property chart to classify geometric shapes

Activity F - Cut Nets

An Nrich activity to support the skills of visualisation in building simple 3-D shapes from nets.

nets to build 3D shapes

Activity G - Dynamic Geometry

An introduction to dynamic geometry with helpful links to websites offering free software to support the exploration of properties of circles and the formation of nets for a comprehensive selection of 3-D shapes.

Useful Resources

Protractors or angle measurers, rulers, dot isometric paper, pair of compasses, set squares, dynamic geometry software, set of folding geometric shapes, pinboards and geoboards, Perspex mirrors, 2-D shape dice, class sets of ‘polydron’ or other 3D shape construction materials.


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