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National Curriculum: Algebra- Year 6 - Video

Created on 24 October 2013 by ncetm_administrator
Updated on 05 April 2016 by ncetm_administrator


Video material to support the implementation of the National Curriculum

This suite of videos on our website addresses the demands of the New Curriculum to introduce formal algebra into KS2.

Algebra – What’s the pattern?

This Teachers TV Key Stage Two algebra lesson starter is based around how many people can sit at a birthday party table. A single table can seat six children, one at each end and two on either side. When a second table is added, ten children can be seated (two at either end and four at each side). As the tables and the number of children grow, a pattern starts to appear. Students are challenged to work out the pattern and predict how many children could come to the party if there were 100 tables.

Chessboard Algebra

From the series ‘Great Lesson Ideas’, this Teachers TV video shows an idea for teaching algebra using a chessboard. The teacher asks her students to look for patterns in order to predict how many squares would be on different sized boards. She then presents a formula that could be used for any sized board, which the students use to test some of their predictions.

Seven Squares

A video showing how three people draw (and therefore see) this matchstick pattern of seven squares:

matchstick pattern of seven squares

… and how different ways of seeing might lead to different generalisations and formulae for how many match sticks are needed for 25, 100, n squares.

Building on rich starting points

This video shows the start of a mathematics lesson at Kingsfield School where pupils are presented with data giving hints regarding a function which they then make conjectures about.


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