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National Curriculum: Probability and Statistics - KS3

Created on 24 October 2013 by ncetm_administrator
Updated on 04 June 2014 by ncetm_administrator

National Curriculum: Probability and Statistics - Key Stage 3


Pupils should be taught to:

  • record, describe and analyse the frequency of outcomes of simple probability experiments involving randomness, fairness, equally and unequally likely outcomes, using appropriate language and the 0-1 probability scale
  • understand that the probabilities of all possible outcomes sum to 1
  • enumerate sets and unions/intersections of sets systematically, using tables, grids and Venn diagrams
  • generate theoretical sample spaces for single and combined events with equally likely, mutually exclusive outcomes and use these to calculate theoretical probabilities


Pupils should be taught to:

  • describe, interpret and compare observed distributions of a single variable through: appropriate graphical representation involving discrete, continuous and grouped data; and appropriate measures of central tendency (mean, mode, median) and spread (range, consideration of outliers)
  • construct and interpret appropriate tables, charts, and diagrams, including frequency tables, bar charts, pie charts, and pictograms for categorical data, and vertical line (or bar) charts for ungrouped and grouped numerical data
  • describe simple mathematical relationships between two variables (bivariate data) in observational and experimental contexts and illustrate using scatter graphs

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05 August 2014 20:16
Was reminded of Prezi this afternoon; try this as a starter (it's by no means what's described above!): http://www.tes.co.uk/teaching-resource/Winner-Venn-Diagram-as-x-section-of-prob-tree-6439202/
By BW_2012
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05 August 2014 16:57
Ooh, whilst at it a 3D sample space would be interesting to see visualised too; but far less useful.
By BW_2012
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05 August 2014 16:55
^ replace "Disney" with "movie": it's not Disney! :-) Er, whoops!
By BW_2012
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05 August 2014 16:47
CAn we have a 3D simulator "game" that allows a class to "ride" a probability tree through each of the events to their selected outcome (and next choice/event)! Essentially this might be like turning the old RM programme called "Branch" into a 3D interactive-whiteboard resource for probability. Imagine riding through the trunk of the probability tree then "Uh oh!" a choice: 0.8 to the left, 0.2 to the right [represented as a Venn Diagram: a handy cross-section for a probability tree - with each set a little like a doorway in a rabbit warren ;-) hmmm... mixed metaphors! let's forget Alice for a moment and stick to the tree!]. The class choose the 0.8 and climb up the hollow branch only to find... "Uh oh!" a new choice: 0.3 to the left; 0.7 to the right... and so it would go on. As with all, good, modern 3D tools on computer a button could be pressed to give an external picture of this Epic (see the Disney tie-in?) tree of knowledge (see the Biblical, Eden, tie-in?) as pupils take their character up through its trunk, branches and maybe even the fine detail of its leaves. Imagine, also, a button could be pressed to look at the tree from a magnified seed/acorn perspective upwards to see the full detail of the Venn diagram with all the sets and sub-sets. Perhaps one could call the app "Yggdrasil"; or, if it could offer multiple trees, "Wood Between Worlds" (see the C.S. Lewis "Magician's Nephew Reference")! :-)
By BW_2012
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