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National Curriculum: Algebra- KS3 - Video

Created on 25 October 2013 by ncetm_administrator
Updated on 05 April 2016 by ncetm_administrator


Juggling with Algebra

This is a Teachers’ TV programme from the series KS3/4 Maths. In this episode, Year Seven students at St Edward's school get an inspiring introduction to number sequences and algebra courtesy of one teacher's juggling skills.

Seven Squares

This is a video showing how three people draw (and therefore see) this matchstick pattern of seven squares:

matchstick pattern of seven squares

… and how different ways of seeing might lead to different generalisations and formulae for how many match sticks are needed for 25, 100, n squares.

Building on rich starting points

This video shows the start of a mathematics lesson at Kingsfield School where pupils are presented with data giving hints regarding a function which they then make conjectures about.

Factorising with Multilink

This is slightly beyond the scope of the KS3 Programme of Study statement about factorising by taking out a common factor. However, this video of Charlie and Alison from NRICH showing how expressions like x2 + 7x + 12 can be factorised using Multilink is very clever and engaging and will hopefully prompt you and your students to ask “could I do this with another example?”

Quadratic Equations

This Teachers’ TV video is part of the ‘Hard to teach’ series and show how, at Henry Cort Community College it is not just the maths department that teaches quadratic functions.

The PE, design technology, science and IT departments all work together with their maths counterparts to teach the subject in a way that interests the students.

Straight line graphs

This video resource from Teachers TV features a lesson on straight line graphs to a year 9 class. Using a set of axis drawn on the floor of the classroom, practical activities help students to understand the concepts of gradient and intercept.


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