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Changes to the CPD Standard Funding Arrangements

Created on 13 March 2014 by ncetm_administrator
Updated on 26 September 2014 by ncetm_administrator

Changed CPD Standard Funding Arrangements from 1st September 2014

The administration costs of the CPD Standard during its first few years were met exclusively from within the DfE‘s overall funding of the NCETM. However, that funding was always designed to taper off. From 1st September 2014, we have adopted a funding model whereby Standard holders contribute towards the administration costs, in return for the benefits derived from being assessed for, and from holding, the Standard itself through their membership of a subscription scheme.

It’s important to state here that the NCETM continues to believe that the CPD Standard, which is unique in its field due to its mathematics-specific nature, has considerable value, both to Standard holders, and to the schools and colleges who benefit from the CPD services offered by Standard Holders. It is also valued by the DfE and was highlighted in the recent ACME report on CPD, Empowering teachers: success for learners.

The subscription scheme entails Standard holders entering into a Service Level Agreement (SLA) whereby in return for paying an annual fee, based on the size and nature of their organisation, they receive support and assessment services and other benefits. Subscription rate banding reflects the wide variety in types of CPD provider currently holding the Standard, from individual consultants through to schools, colleges, Teaching School Alliances, and departments within LAs and HEIs.

Under the subscription scheme arrangements, the NCETM will also look to try to expand the benefits to providers of applying for and holding the CPD Standard.

Currently those benefits include:

  • Being assisted in the ongoing process of self-evaluation and improvement, thereby ensuring that the quality of your offer is maintained in a fast-changing marketplace
  • Benefiting commercially from the credibility associated with this unique quality mark in the maths CPD marketplace
  • Enjoying prominence in several relevant areas of the NCETM website, such as the CPD Providers Directory and the Professional Development Calendar
  • Maintaining a place at the heart of a national community of maths CPD providers, with multiple benefits in the areas of experience-sharing and creative collaboration
  • Receiving regular, up-to-date information from the NCETM on the latest developments in maths education policy, and the maths education research field.

Under a subscription scheme, additional benefits could include:

  • Benefiting from the introduction of an NCETM advisory and support service, which would refer schools and colleges seeking CPD provision to CPD Standard Holders in their locality, or Standard Holders with capacity and expertise in a specialist CPD area
  • Being highlighted as recommended providers, when, under the new Maths Hubs programme, schools and colleges are seeking advice on locally available CPD services
  • Receiving discounts for attending NCETM conferences and other commercial products

Full details of the proposed Subscription Scheme are now available to download. Any comments or immediate queries can be made through the CPD Standard Holder community or by emailing standard_enquiries@ncetm.org.uk

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