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Primary Magazine - Issue 64: News

Created on 16 May 2014 by ncetm_administrator
Updated on 04 June 2014 by ncetm_administrator


Primary Magazine Issue 64'Newspapers B&W (2)' by NS Newsflash (adapted), some rights reserved


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Maths Hubs

More than 270 schools across England expressed an interest in taking the lead role in around 30 new, locally-based Maths Hubs across England. The Maths Hubs programme, announced in March 2014 and funded by the DfE, is being coordinated by the NCETM.

Around 80 of the schools, including some primaries, were invited to submit full applications to fill the role, an essential part of which will be to form a collaborative group of partner schools, other institutions and individuals with expertise in maths education - all for the benefit of maths teaching and learning in schools and colleges across a broad geographical area.

The schools chosen for the lead role in each of the hubs are due to be announced in the middle of June.

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National Curriculum

Have you explored the National Curriculum Resource and Planning Tool yet? This interactive tool will support you in the following ways: your subject knowledge; making connections within and across the primary curriculum; suggest helpful papers, pupil activities, exemplification of expectations and links to the suite of NCETM videos.

In addition, we have recently added four new elements to our National Curriculum pages, all closely linked to teaching in line with the new curriculum. They are:

The DfE have also released the guidance for test item writers for the new 2016 statutory tests. Whilst these are not intended for translation into schools’ own assessment systems the KS1 and KS2 frameworks are an interesting read and helpful in unpicking the importance that will be placed on the three aims on the new National Curriculum: fluency, reasoning, and problem solving.

The new 2016+ tests will be structured as follows:

End of KS1 Maths will be assessed by statutory test and teacher assessment.

Paper 1: Arithmetic, max 15 marks, approx. 15 mins
Paper 2: Mathematical Fluency and Reasoning, max 35 marks, approx. 35 mins.

The resource list for the mathematics test comprises: number line (0–30), hundred square, structured apparatus (tens and ones), pencil, eraser and ruler.

End of KS2 Maths will be assessed by statutory test and teacher assessment.

Paper 1: Arithmetic, max 30 marks, 30 mins
Papers 2 & 3: Mathematical fluency, solving problems and reasoning, max 40 marks per paper, 40 mins per paper.

The resource list for the mathematics tests comprises: pencil/black pen, eraser, ruler (mm and cm), angle measurer/protractor and mirror. Children will not be permitted to use a calculator in any of the components.

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Royal Institution Masterclasses

At the recent British Congress in Mathematics Education at Nottingham University in April, Vinay Kathotia from the Royal Institution (Ri) shared an example of one of their mathematics masterclasses using mathematical stories. The Ri, based in London, offers a range of maths masterclasses for school groups as well as a suite of free ‘take-away’ masterclasses that can be led by a teacher for their pupils in school.

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Mathematics CPD

Don’t forget that if you are looking for high quality providers of maths CPD in the next academic year, use our Professional Development Directory to find CPD Standard Holders (gold rosette) or Accredited Professional Development Leads (purple rosette).

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Page header by NS Newsflash (adapted), some rights reserved



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