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Mastery Pedagogy

Created on 03 October 2014 by ncetm_administrator
Updated on 18 November 2014 by ncetm_administrator

Mastery Pedagogy

The concept of mastery, as an underpinning approach to maths teaching, is gaining significance and support within the English education system. The new National Curriculum in mathematics, and the thrust of the new mathematics GCSEs, both underline the importance and value of teaching approaches that give pupils the best chance of securing both deep understanding of mathematical concepts and fluency in applying them (in other words, mastery).

An approach to teaching maths that chimes with mastery principles is increasingly being used in our mathematics classrooms and, at the NCETM, we are exploring ways of further embedding the mastery approach in the teaching of the subject.

In fact, part of the work of the Maths Hubs, under the NCETM’s direction, for the next two years, will be to investigate just this approach.

In this context, we have tried to encapsulate in a little more depth what mastery means for mathematics teaching.

Read the document here.


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10 April 2015 17:24
The easiest solution for a class of 2 age groups is to teach two short 30 min maths lesson, where the group not being taught engage in intelligent practice.
25 March 2015 14:33
Any ideas about how to move classes on together when they are mixed age classes?
By Misseast
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