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Created on 01 May 2015 by ncetm_administrator
Updated on 11 May 2015 by ncetm_administrator


A selection of resources.

Click on the title of the resource to expand the section for a description. Clicking on the green button within the description will take you to the resource. A summary of the topics covered is included in the blue box within the description.

Circle Sector and Segment (Math is Fun)

This webpage covers the terms sector, segment and arc. It introduces how to find the area of a sector and the length of an arc; these are topics for higher level GCSE. There is a section on finding the area of a segment but I have seen it explained better elsewhere. There are questions at the bottom of the page and links throughout the page.

Topics: Arc length, sector and segment area.

Properties of Circles (YouTube)

This is a powerpoint show, with no sound, which runs through most of the main terms and some properties in 1 min 30sec.

Topics: Circle nomenclature

Circles (BBC Bitesize)

This collection of 10 webpages from BBC Bitesize covers most of the work on circles at higher level GCSE, including the circle theorems. There are interactive questions spaced periodically throughout the explanations to help you check your understanding.

Topics: Circles including theorems

Circles and Cylinders (National STEM Centre)

This substantial PDF from the Centre for Innovation in Mathematics Teaching covers; chords, radius, diameter, segments, sectors and arcs. There are also examples on area, circumference and some constructions including the perpendicular bisector of a chord.

Topics: Plans and elevations

Circles (BBC Bitesize)

This page from BBC Bitesize covers finding the equation of the tangent to a circle without the need for calculus. The page is from a series of 5, all about circles, it includes some quite challenging problems.

Topics: Tangent to a circle

Mensuration (National STEM Centre)

This resource is from the Centre for Innovation in Mathematics Teaching. It is designed to improve confidence in mathematics. Each section offers an overview of a particular topic and the key issues that will be covered, as well as highlighting some common misconceptions. Worked examples are provided to support learning and these are followed by focused exercises to practice skills. Activities to reinforce learning and offer extension opportunities are also supplied, as are topic related tests.

Topics include in part A:

  • Units and Measuring
  • Estimating Areas
  • Making Solids Using Nets
  • Constructing Nets
  • Conversion of Units
  • Squares, Rectangles and Triangles
  • Area and Circumference of Circles
  • Areas of Parallelograms, Trapeziums, Kites and Rhombuses
  • Volumes of Cubes, Cuboids, Cylinders and Prisms

and in part B:

  • Tangram
  • Areas of Rectangles
  • Areas of Triangles
  • Equal Perimeters
  • Equal Areas
  • Closed Doodles
  • Map Colouring
  • Euler's Formula
  • Fence it Off
  • Track Layout

Topics: Units and Measuring, Estimating Areas, Making Solids Using Nets, Constructing Nets, Conversion of Units, Squares, Rectangles and Triangles, Area and Circumference of Circles, Areas of Parallelograms, Trapeziums, Kites and Rhombuses, Volumes of Cubes, Cuboids, Cylinders and Prisms, Tangram, Areas of Rectangles, Areas of Triangles, Equal Perimeters, Equal Areas, Closed Doodles, Map Colouring, Euler's Formula, Fence it Off, Track Layout.


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