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Created on 06 May 2015 by ncetm_administrator
Updated on 11 May 2015 by ncetm_administrator


A selection of resources.

Click on the title of the resource to expand the section for a description. Clicking on the green button within the description will take you to the resource. A summary of the topics covered is included in the blue box within the description.

Probability (BBC Bitesize)

This section from BBC Bitesize offers an overview of all aspects of GCSE probability. There are interactive questions spaced periodically throughout the explanations to help you check your understanding. A short video clip, a test, and an activity are all available via the tabs at the top of the page.

Topics: Combined events – tree diagrams

Conditional Probability (Math is Fun)

This webpage covers the main ideas behind conditional probability and dependent events, using tree diagrams and some interesting examples. This is one of the more difficult aspects of probability so may take some time.

Topics: Conditional probability and dependent events.

Probability (BBC Skillswise)

This section from BBC Skillswise offers a number of factsheets and question sheets. If you select level 1 from the start learning box on the right of the screen you will find factsheets and questions covering : understanding the meaning of probability, the probability scale, calculating the probability of dice scores and single events using cards, coins, etc . Skillswise also provides similar factsheets at Entry level 3,2,1 which can be used to develop your students skills before tackling these sheets and questions. There are also games, quizzes and a video on this page.

Topics: Probability

Probability: Independent Events (Math is Fun)

This webpage explains independent events with a brief reference to dependent events. The page covers multiplication of independent events and ways of representing probability.

Topics: Probability - multiplication of independent events

Resources and CPD for those working with students resitting GCSE Mathematics - Probability (NCETM)

This is a link to NCETM Resources and CPD for those working with students resitting GCSE Mathematics is a NCETM Essentials package which has a wealth of resources for teachers working with Level 2 students on many aspects of probability.

Topics: Probability scales in context, relative frequency, ordering probabilities

Probability: Types of Events (Math is Fun)

This webpage explains independent, dependent and mutually exclusive events.

Topics: Probability - types of events

Sets and Venn Diagrams (Math is Fun)

This webpage from Maths is Fun summarises the main aspects of Venn diagrams and sets. It introduces a number of key terms and symbols. Please be aware that the page does use US rather than UK conventions.

Topics: Venn diagrams

Mutually Exclusive Events (Math is Fun)

This webpage from Maths is Fun introduces aspects of probability using set notation. Some US rather than UK conventions are used.

Topics: Venn diagrams and probability


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