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Secondary Magazine - Issue 123

Created on 02 July 2015 by ncetm_administrator
Updated on 21 July 2015 by ncetm_administrator


Secondary Magazine Issue 123'A Nice Place To Sit' by Richard Walker Photography (adapted), some rights reserved

Welcome to Issue 123 of the Secondary and FE Magazine

At last the summer break is here, and we here at NCETM Central are packing our suitcases: flip flops? Check. Sunscreen? Check. Holiday reading? Hmm … should we again lug the 2 kgs or so of A Suitable Boy and The Goldfinch with us on our travels, or just accept that once again we’re not going to read these magna opera, and instead relax on our beach towels and gently ponder the ideas and suggestions in this and the next issues of the secondary magazine? That way we’ll be ready for the shock to the system that will be 1 September, and we’ll have more room in our cases for souvenirs and the inevitable “why did we bring this home with us?” local produce! As always, your comments and feedback are very welcome, either at the bottom of the page, by email to info@ncetm.org.uk, or @NCETMsecondary on Twitter.


Heads Up
Here you will find a checklist of some of the recent, or still current, mathematical events featured in the news, by the media or on the internet: if you want a “heads up” on what to read, watch or do in the next couple of weeks or so, it’s here. This month there is news about the second versions of the GCSE sample assessment materials (just in case you’ve been on Mars and missed these!), a link to a radio discussion about Boolean Logic, and news of a maths teacher winning a prize supported by Sir Richard Branson.

Building Bridges
The regular feature in which discussion of secondary mathematics topics draws out the inter-connectivity of the topics with preceding, succeeding or surrounding topics, in ways that will support and enrich your teaching in KS3 and KS4. This month, a nursery rhyme turns averages on their head.

Sixth Sense
Stimulate your thinking about teaching and learning A level Maths. This month, John Partridge gets in touch with the inner feelings of boxes, cars and men in lifts.

From the Library
Want to draw on maths research in your teaching but don’t have time to hunker down in the library? Don’t worry, we’ve hunkered for you: in this issue, we draw together research on the link between letters and numbers in algebra.

It Stands to Reason
Developing pupils’ reasoning is a key aim of the new national curriculum Programmes of Study, and this monthly feature shares ideas how to do so. In this issue we look at teaching exact trigonometrical values, as is now required in the new GCSE curriculum.

Eyes Down
A picture to give you an idea: “eyes down” for inspiration. Choosing this month’s picture was a piece of cake.

Image credit
Page header by Richard Walker Photography (adapted), some rights reserved



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