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Secondary Magazine - Issue 125: Heads Up

Created on 10 September 2015 by ncetm_administrator
Updated on 01 October 2015 by ncetm_administrator


Secondary Magazine Issue 125'Newspapers B&W (2)' by NS Newsflash (adapted), some rights reserved

Heads Up

Whilst not wanting to define this article as mathematical gossip, it does come close! We’ve brought together news and current mathematical affairs, all in one place. We do hope it will interest you.

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In November, 68 teachers from Shanghai are coming to secondary schools across England to share with us how they teach mathematics in Years 7 and 8. All the host schools will be organising events for teachers from their and local schools to observe lessons and take part in discussions: these will be coordinated by your Maths Hub Lead School, so get in contact to make sure you’re informed about and invited to these unique PD opportunities.

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If you’re looking for ways of measuring your pupils’ deep understanding of mathematical concepts, we’re sure you’ll find the NCETM’s recently published assessment materials useful. Although ostensibly aimed at primary school teachers, the materials (look at Year 6 in particular) include copious examples that will challenge most Key Stage 3(and some KS4/5!) pupils, especially the questions in the Greater Depth column, on the right-hand side of every booklet.

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There are a few places left on the latest round of courses to develop professional development leads specialising in advanced level maths, jointly run by the NCETM and the Further Mathematics Support Programme (FMSP). Application details (under How Do I Apply to Take Part?) are on this page.

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Two recent BBC programmes to flex your mathematical synapses. The first, on television, features Marcus du Sautoy explaining what he calls the hidden world of algorithms. The second is a recent episode of BBC Radio Four’s Mind Changers series, which investigates the concept of mindset and relates it to the learning of maths.

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Secondary mathematics teachers are the target audience for an evening workshop at the Royal Institution in London on 12 October. The subject is how to assess problem-solving and mathematical thinking.

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There a chance to win yourself a £20 voucher, simply by sending us a photograph from your classroom that prompts thoughts about how maths can be taught and learnt. See the Eyes Down section of this month’s magazine.

Image credit
Page header by NS Newsflash (adapted), some rights reserved



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