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Multiplicative Reasoning - Generic breakdown for each workshop phase

Created on 01 February 2016 by ncetm_administrator
Updated on 04 April 2016 by ncetm_administrator

Generic breakdown for each workshop phase

The diagram below shows the generic structure for each workshop phase.




  1. Gap task & lesson study feedback
  2. Introduce & explore Teaching Unit lessons
  3. Prepare & plan next gap task
  4. Plenary


Carry out: Gap task activities including Lesson Study


Documents recording key points from gap task activities are used to support the session 1 feedback in the next workshop

The workshop sessions in more detail

Session One

Session 1: In the first workshop this session will introduce the project. In all subsequent workshops session 1 will be a carefully guided feedback session on the previous gap task.

Session Two

Session 2: This session introduces the next unit of lessons, allowing the mathematics and pedagogy to be explored and discussed. In the final workshop this session is replaced by project reflection and evaluation tasks.

Session Three

Session 3: One of the lessons introduced in the previous session is chosen by the PD lead to be the focus of the Lesson Study. An accompanying research question is also chosen and this is discussed with teachers to support their planning for the gap task.

Session Four

Session 4: Here teachers have opportunities to summarise key points from their learning during the day.

Gap Task

Gap Task: The first gap task entails carrying out pupil interviews. The following three gap tasks involve delivering the teaching unit lessons and carrying out the Lesson Study planned in the previous workshop. It is also suggested that the gap task includes keeping department colleagues up to date with the workshop activities and involved in the Lesson Study.


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