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Secondary Magazine - Issue 134

Created on 06 June 2016 by ncetm_administrator
Updated on 21 June 2016 by ncetm_administrator


Secondary Magazine Issue 134part of 'in-shuffle' graphic from 'It Stands to Reason' article

Welcome to Issue 134 of the Secondary and FE Magazine

How are you spending any extra time that you have now that Year 11 have left and the exams are over? Maybe you’ve already started your new timetable and are meeting new groups? Maybe you’re already thinking about this time next year and the changes that you may need to make?

Whatever you’re up to, remember to take a break, put the kettle on and take time out to read the latest edition of the NCETM Secondary and FE Magazine!

Feel free to let us know any thoughts about this magazine by email to info@ncetm.org.uk or on Twitter @NCETMsecondary.


Heads Up
Here you will find a checklist of some of the recent, or still current, mathematical events featured in the news, by the media or on the internet: if you want a “heads up” on what to read, watch or do in the next couple of weeks or so, it’s here. If you ever think that our heads haven’t been up high enough and we seem to have missed something that’s coming soon, do let us know: email info@ncetm.org.uk, or via Twitter, @NCETMsecondary.

Classroom View
Helen Konstantine teaches in Barking and Dagenham. Here she tells us about her experience of working as a pilot teacher for the ICCAMS project, an EEF funded research project investigating ways of raising students’ attainment and engagement by using formative assessment to inform teaching and learning of mathematics in secondary school. There are more details of the ICCAMS project in From the Library.

Sixteen Plus
What are you doing with Year 12 in the last few weeks of term? It may be that you have been given a chunk of the A2 syllabus to cover, with the aim of getting ahead before the year starts. But maybe this is the time, without Year 11 pressure, to branch out and get creative, aim to enrich and inspire those tired brains, and pull in some of those students that might be considering dropping maths. In this article we offer some starting points to explore.

From the Library
Professor Jeremy Hodgen is the Director of the ICCAMS Maths project at the University of Nottingham. ICCAMS is an EEF-funded project researching innovative and evidence-based approach to maths teaching. In this article he describes the approach and explains how your school can get involved.

It Stands to Reason
How do your students cope when they are presented with a problem that they’ve never met before? Here we offer a task that offers the opportunity for students to work explicitly on problem solving strategies, rather than on building understanding of mathematical content and techniques. As with the last issue, this It Stands to Reason is inspired by the Shell Centre for Mathematical Education resources.

Qualifications and Curriculum
A double bill this month! First: how hard are GCSE questions? And how do you prepare your students to face them? In this issue we hear about an Ofqual research project into the perceived difficulty of GCSE questions. And second: we hear a personal view of how one secondary head of department is preparing for his current Year 10 students to sit the new GCSE exams next summer.



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