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The NCETM Maths Podcast

Created on 15 November 2017 by ncetm_administrator
Updated on 26 May 2020 by ncetm_administrator
  A regular podcast from the National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics (NCETM), exploring areas of interest and debate in the teaching of maths across all school and college phases.   NCETM Podcast Logo

Episode 33 | Learning in Lockdown 6 – Craig Tilstone

Craig Tilstone talks about the difficulty of engagement in remote learning in an area with a low socio-economic profile. He talks about the decisions made and steps taken that have improved engagement in maths learning. And he gives an insight into the juggling act of doing all this while schooling his own children from home!

We hope that this interview, and others, will generate ideas and allow listeners to reflect on their own practice, remembering that different contexts require different approaches.

Listen to the podcast and join the discussion

Learning in Lockdown podcast episodes

Since late March 2020, schools across England have been closed to most pupils due to the coronavirus pandemic. Over this period we've recorded a number of interviews (with more to come) exploring how schools and teachers are meeting the challenges of providing remote learning in maths, supporting their pupils, while also looking after their own well-being in an unprecedented situation.

We hope that these interviews will generate ideas and allow you to reflect on your own practice, remembering that different contexts will require different approaches.



Previous episodes

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Date Title
2017-11-14141117 Entry requirement for A level maths
2017-11-29291117 The new maths GCSE: what the exam board markers found
2018-01-03030118 Shanghai style lesson observation
2018-02-01010218 Continuity in fractions learning between Year 5 and Year 8
2018-03-01010318 Books that help maths teaching
2018-05-11110518 Mastery in Secondary School Maths
2018-05-25250518 NCETM Primary Mastery Professional Development Materials
2018-06-13130618 One primary school’s teaching for mastery journey
2018-06-29290618 Maths CPD: what works and why for teachers’ professional development
2018-07-18180718 Core Maths: not just more maths
2018-09-18180918 GCSE Maths 9-1: How did it perform in its second summer?
2018-10-30301018 What is it like to be in a Maths Hub Work Group?
2018-11-23231118 How Early Years children develop mathematical thinking
2018-12-11111218 What are the benefits of being a Primary Mastery Specialist?
2019-01-10100119 Secondary maths teaching in Shanghai: two teachers reflect
2019-01-10100119 Primary maths teaching in Shanghai: an exchange teacher’s view
2019-02-13130219 Raising girls' participation in maths
2019-03-06060319 Why and how to use the ‘ping-pong’ teaching style
2019-03-18180319 Teaching the hardest topics in GCSE maths
2019-06-11110619 Behind the scenes of the Mastery Readiness programme
2019-07-19190719 How mastery works in a secondary school maths department
2019-09-26260919 Making the most of our new secondary mastery materials
2019-10-10101019 Managing maths in mixed-age classes
2019-10-18181019 An audience with the exam boards: the new A level and GCSE 9-1
2019-11-07071119 Eugenia Cheng rethinks gender around maths
2019-11-27271119 What mastery has done for our school
2020-03-12120320 Two London secondary schools engaging with teaching for mastery
2020-05-07070520 Learning in Lockdown 1 – Kathryn Darwin
2020-05-13130520 Learning in Lockdown 2 – Jo Brown
2020-05-14140520 Learning in Lockdown 3 – Laurie Luscombe
2020-05-15150520 Learning in Lockdown 4 – Dan Poulson
2020-05-22220520 Learning in Lockdown 5 – Nick Edwards
2020-05-26150520 Learning in Lockdown 6 – Craig Tilstone

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